Why Splash House is the Hottest Event of Summer 2022

Splash House August 2022

Why Splash House is the Hottest Event of Summer 2022

If you like fun in the sun, pools, and crazy parties with some of the hottest DJs on the planet, then Splash House is the event you’ve been waiting for. There’s nothing else like it, with three different parties going on simultaneously at three extraordinary hotels, followed up by an after-hours rave at the Palm Springs Air Museum. The August 12-14 edition of Splash House just wrapped up, so let’s look at some of the ways this party stands out from the rest and why you and your crew should consider making it your destination event of the year.

What Makes Splash House Stand Out?

There are a few things about Splash House that make it unique from your average music festival. Although it takes place in the hallowed city of Palm Springs, renowned worldwide for the incredibly successful Coachella festival, Splash House is a different kind of music festival. Three hotels play host to this event: Renaissance Palm Springs, Margaritaville, and The Saguaro. 

Each of these hotels has a different vibe and atmosphere, meaning that anyone who attends Splash House can find the perfect party for them. The Renaissance is the largest hotel, featuring a huge pool deck, fire pits, and plenty of room. The other two hotels are slightly smaller, but each has its own interesting and unique vibe, from campy tiki-torch style decor at the Margaritaville, to a beautiful retro color scheme at the Saguaro that makes for a perfect backdrop.

No matter what you choose, you’ll be able to find a place to fit in. General admission tickets run from between $159-$219 and allow for entry to any of the three hotel parties. There’s a shuttle that runs between them that is available for anyone with general admission tickets and plenty of dry-land areas for those who want a chance to get out of the pool to party in. 

The Music

While the pool parties and hotel rooms, along with the tables, daybeds, and cabanas that are available for an extra fee are amazing enough, there is also much to be said about the music at Splash House. This isn’t just a pool party, it’s also one of the premiere music festivals of the year. Splash House attracts some major talent and brings in some of the most popular artists currently at the top of the charts. 

Some of the artists that performed at the August 12-14 weekender edition of Splash House were:

  • Chet Porter
  • Franc Moody
  • Dombresky
  • Nora En Pure
  • Dabin
  • Elohim
  • John Summit
  • PNAU
  • Young Franco

If you think hearing these artists drop their hottest tunes and sickest beats while getting your party on in a gorgeous hotel pool, then drying out and sharing some drinks with your crew while lounging in the sun sounds like a good time, Splash House was made for you. This is truly an event like no other, with a combination of sun-filled goodness and colorful backdrops, along with some of the most beautiful party people of California.

The Incredible Value of Splash House 

However, that’s not the end of Splash House. The party here doesn’t stop when the sun goes down, as those who stayed hydrated enough during the day can continue the rager at a nighttime event at the Palm Springs Air Museum. For an extra $60-$80, your ticket will include a pass to this after-hours event, where the party continues all night against the dramatic backdrop of spectacular aircraft and rave music. 

Remember, these tickets grant you admission for a whole weekend of fun. Splash House is a truly incredible event, with great value for the money. For anyone looking for a destination event for the summer, you can’t go wrong with Splash House. 

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