We Are the Golden Decks Award Show, & We Are All About EDM, Producers, and Disc Jockeys

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We Are the Golden Decks Award Show, & We Are All About EDM, Producers, and Disc Jockeys

Who are we: This venture centers around celebrating artists and aims to acknowledge the sustained efforts of disc jockeys. Our goal is not only to help them build a healthy reputation but also to provide insight into their professional journey. We strive to recognize artists who consistently make incremental strides toward significant milestones in their careers. 

What do we do: We are building an awards show for Djs and holding an event later this year for them to be celebrated. Additionally, we have launched a “Road to the Awards Show” podcast on YouTube. Through this platform, we conduct insightful interviews with DJs, providing an opportunity for fans to gain a deeper understanding of the artists and their journeys. We have been going to their shows and documenting behind the scenes and showing the energy the Djs bring to their fans. Furthermore, we engage in conversations about mental health with each DJ, emphasizing that they are not alone in their journey. This initiative serves to connect fans and underscore the fact that, despite their exceptional talents and professionalism, these individuals are also human beings.

Some cool stuff about our DJs: 

Our nominations list features exceptional individuals, each with unique contributions. Sam Wolfe stands out for his alignment with our mental health advocacy, emphasizing the importance of communication and navigating personal stages. He is a genuine person that treats everyone with respect, and everyone has nothing but great things to say about him. He aligns with our values of our company, and we are happy to promote him and see him succeed. He has stood behind us since day one and giving us advice when asked and has been helpful in this journey by reminding us what we stand for. 

Ryan Michael Robbins, a highly experienced San Francisco Bay Area-based music producer, DJ, and audio engineer, is known for his celebrated Techno productions. With releases on respected labels like Mainground Music and Set About, his decade-long career spans #1 chart positions on Beatport, TOP 10 releases, TOP 100 singles, and Billboard’s Top 50. Beyond music, Ryan contributes to sound design for Nike, library albums for Dynamic Music, and collaborations with major audio labels. His commitment to the electronic music community is evident through Headroom Collective, fostering collaboration and hosting Headroom Listing Sessions at premier Nightclubs.

Liquid Todd is not only a DJ who streams frequently on Twitch, but a radio host on Sirius XM. He gets excited about releasing new music that people have not heard before and he also likes helping DJs get more noticed. He was one of the first DJs to play EDM on commercial radio. He has won multiple awards in the past, and is not new to the awards show scene. Which in turn he has given us great advice in order to be more for the DJs and how to make them feel more welcomed, during this process. 

Another notable DJ on our list is Rosy Bones/Exmaxhina from Oklahoma City, who has established an entire art gallery inspired by his dark lofi glitch music. Notably, this gallery is expanding into a larger space, and Rosy Bones actively participated in a successful fundraiser for this expansion, regularly performing at the venue. He is full of energy and he puts his effort into not only who he believes in but what he believes in. Rosy Bones/Exmaxhina aligns with our values in this way, as well. 

Looking for funding/kickstarter: We are seeking funding on Kickstarter to secure a venue, the final component of our initiative. The motivation behind this financial appeal is rooted in our belief that DJs deserve to be recognized and celebrated for their relentless dedication. These artists devote themselves to bringing joy, creating connections, and fostering a lively atmosphere for their fans. We aim to provide them with a well-deserved night of carefree celebration, allowing them to unwind and enjoy the festivities, with the only responsibility being the acceptance of an award if they emerge victorious. Additionally, we hope to facilitate new networking opportunities for the DJs, enabling connections that may not have been possible otherwise.

What our plan is: Our plan involves securing a spacious venue capable of accommodating our DJs, providing ample space for dancing and movement. Simultaneously, we aim to allocate enough room for a general audience to enjoy the awards show and live performances while fostering a sense of disconnection. Our goal is to unite a vibrant community for an enjoyable night of celebration.

Looking ahead, we envision an annual event featuring a new lineup of DJs, with past nominees returning to partake in the celebration. Moreover, we aspire to contribute to mental health awareness within the community by establishing a foundation in the future. This foundation will be inclusive, catering to everyone in the community, and will include guest speakers sharing their personal journeys to foster connections among individuals.

Special gratitude to our participants: We extend our heartfelt thanks to everyone who has been instrumental in this journey, including those who nominated their fellow DJs for the well-deserved recognition. Additionally, our appreciation goes out to everyone who has contributed to transforming our vision into a tangible reality. Your involvement has been invaluable, and we are sincerely thankful for your support.

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