Video Check Out: Robert Neal

Age: 20
Home: Long Beach, California
Sponsors: Primitive Skate, Primitive Apparel, Nike SB, Venture Trucks, Grizzly Griptape

Am who should be pro: Bobby De Keyzer.
Video part of the year: Miles Silvas, Away Days.
Best style: Miles Silvas, Boo Johnson, Antwuan Dixon, Devine Calloway.
Recommended reading: History books, skate mags.
Pet peeve: Dirty shoes. Always gotta skate new ones.
Recommended iPhone app: Instagram and Snapchat.
Best show on TV: Daredevil.
New Year’s Resolution: Staying positive and grinding much more harder to get one step closer to where I wanna be.

The first time I saw Robert skate was two summers ago at Hollenbeck Skate Park. I saw him roll up to the three block and do the most stylish, well-popped fakie flip first try, landing so clean and light footed; Heath Brinkley was on the opposite side of the park and we looked at each other and both went, “Wow! Did you see that?!” We’ve been hooking him up with boards ever since and his skating continues to progress with that same causal style. Robert is a good kid with a lot of positive energy and I’m proud to have him on the squad.—Paul Rodriguez

Follow Robert on IG: @robertneal_

Video / @kevperez @spanishmiketv @kylesteneide

Photo / @oliverbarton


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