Video Check Out: Dylan Williams

Age: 24
Home: Bakersfield, California
Sponsors: Santa Cruz, Lakai, Independent, Ricta, Mob, Bronson, Active, Glassy, BeerSavage

New Year’s Resolution: Skate everyday, save money, drink less.
Newest music in your iPhone: Don’t download much music. Probably U2 thanks to Apple.
Next skate trip: Tampa.
Video part you throw on before a session: Everen Stallion Mystery Promo 2008.
2017 will be the year of the: Pressure flip.
Recommend on IG follow: @shotgunabeereveryday.
Last trick filmed: Switch tail switch flip.
Best style: Devine Calloway.

I first met Dylan at Woodward Damn Am in 2012, he was doing some really interesting tricks, super consistent, like feeble to switch Smith on a ledge, or crook nollie flip out! Dude can flip out of pretty much any trick, it’s insane. I’m hyped he’s on the squad, look forward to seeing more from Dylan in the future, this dude will do some shit that will fasho make you hit that rewind button!—Blake Johnson


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