Venice Beach Turns Pink: A Recap of the 2024 Rosé on Rose Wine Fest

Venice Beach Turns Pink- A Recap of the 2024 Rosé on Rose Wine Fest

Rosé on Rose Wine Fest Recap: A Splash of Pink on Venice Beach

On June 8, 2024, the vibrant streets of Venice Beach were awash in shades of pink as the Rosé on Rose Wine Fest took place along Rose Avenue. The festival, celebrating National Rosé Day, offered an array of rosé wines and themed activities, drawing locals and visitors alike into a festive celebration of wine and community.

Event Highlights

The festival featured a diverse selection of rosé wines priced between $5 and $8, allowing attendees to explore a variety of flavors from local and international wineries. Participating businesses along Rose Avenue, such as Venice Beach Wines, Cafe Gratitude, and The Rose Room, offered special deals and themed treats for wristband holders, enhancing the festive atmosphere.

Entertainment and Activities

The event was not just about wine; it also served as a cultural gathering. Live music performances by artists like RAULY and Adrienne Ackerman set a lively soundtrack to the day. Additionally, an artisan market presented by The Artist Fair, face painting, and a variety of craft vendors added to the dynamic environment, ensuring there was something enjoyable for every attendee​.

Special Features

A notable highlight was the VIP Wine & Beer Garden Experience curated by Venice Beach Wines. This exclusive area featured not only top-tier rosé selections but also craft beer from Venice Duck Brewing Co., creating a perfect blend of tastes for the discerning palate. The festival atmosphere was further elevated with DJ sets, games, and a rosé-themed photo booth, making for memorable moments​.


The Rosé on Rose Wine Fest proved to be a delightful celebration, perfectly blending the love for rosé with the eclectic spirit of Venice Beach. The event not only offered a chance to enjoy excellent wines and food but also to engage with the local culture and community. It reaffirmed Rose Avenue as a central hub for community gatherings and cultural events in Venice Beach.

The successful blend of community, culture, and rosé at this event promises even greater festivities for future editions, as it continues to grow as a staple event in Venice Beach’s vibrant community calendar.

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