Unforgettable Night: Music’s Dazzling Fusion: Poppy & PVRIS

Poppy & PVRIS

Unforgettable Night: Music’s Dazzling Fusion: Poppy & PVRIS

Step into the electrifying world of music as Poppy & PVRIS joined forces for the unforgettable North American Godless/Goddess tour. On August 24th, The Wiltern in Los Angeles, CA, bore witness to a night of enchanting performances and dynamic energy. The stage was set ablaze with a fusion of artistry leaving the audience awe-struck. From heart-pounding beats to soul-stirring melodies, the night was a testament to the power of live music. Dive deeper to discover the mesmerizing details of how this extraordinary show unfolded.

The Venue

The Wiltern ignited as Poppy & PVRIS masterfully blended electro-dance and metal, creating a sonic fusion that was nothing short of exhilarating. The stage pulsed with infectious rhythms, while the electrifying guitars and powerful vocals seamlessly intertwined. The crowd was swept away by the explosive energy, as the artists unleashed a spellbinding performance that blurred genre boundaries. The result? A transcendent night where music’s raw emotion and cutting-edge production collided, leaving the audience in sheer awe.


PVRIS, a genre-shifting powerhouse, brought an electrifying fusion of electropop, synth-pop, alternative rock, pop rock, and post-hardcore to The Wiltern. With each note, the venue transformed into a sonic wonderland. PVRIS’s dynamic range and emotional delivery resonated deeply, captivating the audience. Their genre-defying prowess, coupled with immersive visuals, ignited the stage. The night pulsated with her signature sound, leaving an indelible mark. PVRIS’s kaleidoscope of genres electrified the venue, imprinting a lasting memory of a musical journey that transcended convention.


Poppy, a multi-dimensional fashion icon, defies categorization with a genre-blending repertoire spanning pop, heavy metal, rock, electronica, industrial, and experimental sounds. As she took the stage, The Wiltern became a cauldron of musical fusion. Poppy’s eclectic styles converged with her electrifying performance, enthralling the venue. Her seamless transitions between genres, bold fashion choices, and magnetic stage presence created a sonic and visual spectacle. The result? An electric night that redefined artistic boundaries and left the audience in awe of her boundary-pushing creativity.

The Crowd

The crowd was a vibrant tapestry of energy, a collective force that breathed life into the night. Enthusiasts from all walks of life converged, their excitement and passion creating an electric atmosphere. With every beat, they danced and sang in unison, their voices echoing the artists on stage. Their exuberance fueled the performance, turning The Wiltern into a pulsating sea of camaraderie and shared musical euphoria.

Don’t Miss This Experience!

As the curtain fell on the unforgettable Poppy & PVRIS show at The Wiltern, the fusion of music genres, electrifying performances, and a lively crowd created an unmatched experience. Don’t miss your chance to be part of the magic on the next stop of the Godless/Goddess Tour in Tempe, Arizona at The Marquee on August 25th. With more exhilarating shows ahead, secure your spot to witness this captivating musical journey.

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