Top Games & Activities to Check Out at Dirtybird Campout 2022

Dirtybird Campout 2022 Lineup

Top Games & Activities to Check Out at Dirtybird Campout 2022

If you’re an adult who longs for the halcyon days of the summer camp of your youth, there’s a new sensation sweeping Northern California called Dirtybird Campout summer camp for adults! Featuring games, activities, crazy social events, and something else that sets this apart from any other camp you’ve been to – an amazing DJ lineup and full-on music festival rave going on at night. While the music is a huge component, there are many other fun activities to partake in at this campout, so let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

What is Dirtybird Campout?

First, it’s important to get a grasp on what exactly this event is. Dirtybird was founded by a DJ named Claude Vonstroke, who had a vision of a different type of music festival that could provide a break from the stresses of everyday life and allow adults to experience the simple joy of childhood again. This led to the creation of Dirtybird Campout taking place on the Modesto Reservoir this year, which has enjoyed incredible success and a packed lineup each year. 

This event takes place from October 7-9, at a campground located on the beautiful and pristine reservoir near Modesto. The park’s main address is 18143 Reservoir Rd. Waterford, CA 95386, which is located just a couple of hours from Sacramento or the Bay Area, and about 5 hours from Los Angeles. The location has seen some marked improvements this year, including:

  • The lake is free, legal, and safe to swim in
  • Clean and sanitary showers, bathrooms, and other facilities
  • Water provided on location
  • Steps were taken to ensure short wait times and no long lines
  • Artists actually mingle and even play with the guests before performing

This last point can’t be overstated, as it really highlights the unique and amazing aspects of Dirtybird Campout that sets it apart from the other festivals you could attend. At Dirtybird, everyone is equal and no hierarchy or velvet ropes separate you from the performers – all live, eat, play, and dance together here. Play games and shoot archery with your favorite DJ in the morning, then at night you can party and dance the night away to their music. 

The Best Games and Activities in California

That being said, let’s look at some of the activities you will be able to occupy yourself with while at Dirtybird. This campout is for “dreamers and doers”, and styles itself as a “hybrid of a transformational music festival, fused with the classic American summer camp experience – culminating in a 3-day party unlike anything you’ve ever encountered.”

What this means is you will be privy to classic summer camp activities like archery, shooting, rowing, painting, comedy shows, speed dating events, sports, or almost anything else you can imagine. 

The daily itinerary is largely set by the festival goers, as Dirtybird is all about independence and personal agency. As far as the events go, there are tournaments, field games, aquatic reservoir activities, and an area called “Craftopia”.

On the games field, you’ll have access to:

  • Obstacle courses
  • Tug of war
  • Battle balloons
  • Capture the flag
  • Archery

On the reservoir, you can participate in:

  • Kayaking
  • Floatie racing
  • Swimming
  • Paddleboarding

If you’re feeling a little tired and want something more mellow, at Craftopia you’ll find:

  • Button making
  • Face painting
  • Patch trading
  • Screen printing
  • Totem crafting
  • Blacklight and UV light body painting

As if these games and activities weren’t enough, you’ll spend the evenings dancing the night away at two different DJ stages and a third stage called Claude’s Cabin that hosts comedy, speed dating, and other social events. 

This is truly a festival like no other, and one you won’t want to miss out on. Order your tickets today and make your summer camp memories and dreams a reality!

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