Three Days of Magic At Ultra Music Festival 2024


Three Days of Magic At Ultra Music Festival 2024

In a gush of torrents from the storm clouds above and an unstoppable sea of sound, the Ultra Music Festival 2024 at Bayfront Park, Miami, truly set the stage for festival season that year from 22nd to 24th March. 

Mother Nature threw her wildest party yet, turning the finely tuned schedule of performances into a chaotic jigsaw that needed rapid, real-time solving. Despite Mother Nature’s curveball, the Ultra Music Festival 2024 thundered with defiance. Iconic stages, from the Main Stage to the Megastructure, each hosted its own cosmic display. Headliners like Hardwell, Calvin Harris, Tiesto, and Martin Garrix led a symphonic charge over three days. 

Faced with unprecedented rain, the festival’s 24th run navigated reschedules and weather woes, yet it was the unwavering spirit of a globally diverse crowd that truly illuminated the event. This resilience transformed adversity into a legendary celebration, elevating Miami’s festival season to new heights.

The Rain

On the inaugural Friday of Ultra Music Festival, the skies opened up, unleashing a torrential downpour that brought the beats to a halt before the clock struck 9 pm. The relentless rain persisted into Saturday, delaying the gates’ opening and throwing the schedule into chaos. 

Organizers, determined to save the weekend, ushered in colossal water-absorbing machinery and scattered mountains of mulch to fortify the grounds against the mud invasion. As the rescheduled acts took the stage, the park transformed into a squelching dance floor. But the undaunted festival-goers, clad in the battle gear of true music warriors, embraced the muck. Smiles flashed, and feet slipped; the party pulsed on, the muddy saga becoming just another chapter in the epic tale of Ultra 2024.

Hardwell Brings The Energy

Friday’s relentless rain conspired to wash out Hardwell’s eagerly-awaited performance, sending waves of disappointment rippling through the audience. However, the Ultra gods conferred a reprieve. Saturday shone a silver lining on the cloud-laden festival, gifting Hardwell an hour to reclaim his lost stage time. Undeterred by the previous day’s deluge, he delivered a blazing set that turned rain-soaked disappointment into a dance floor resurgence, underlining his iconic status.

Calvin Harris Returns

Calvin Harris’ grand return to the Ultra Music Festival after more than a decade was a spectacle that culminated in an unforgettable Main Stage finale. His performance, eagerly anticipated, transformed into a masterclass of musical journey and emotional resonance. Harris skillfully navigated through his storied discography, from timeless anthems like “Feel So Close” to electrifying techno sequences, captivating and controlling the crowd with the ease of a seasoned maestro. 

The spectrum of emotions elicited ranged from nostalgia to exhilaration as he seamlessly integrated classics with a modern twist. His spectacular coda, marked by techno-infused energy, didn’t just entertain; it galvanized the audience, solidifying this performance as the festival’s zenith and heralding a triumphant return that was both profound and a decade in the making.

Special Performances

The festival was punctuated by electrifying appearances, including SLANDER, whose set transformed a driving rain into an unforgettable rave, and Steve Aoki, who turned the main stage into a celebrity-packed party. After an 11-year absence, Calvin Harris made a momentous comeback, rekindling his connection with the Ultra audience in a set that felt like a homecoming. 

Meanwhile, Martin Garrix thrilled fans by unveiling a stream of never-before-heard tracks, adding an element of surprise and exclusivity to his performance. Harris’s much-anticipated return was not just a highlight but a milestone, marking a rare live appearance that underscored the enduring impact and evolution of his career within the electronic music sphere.

Unexpected Collaborations & Special Guests

The music festival was electric, with unexpected collaborations. Armin van Buuren and Jon Bon Jovi debuted an unreleased remix, surprising all. Alison Wonderland and NGHTMRE made unanticipated appearances in Dimension’s set. Illenium, a recent Billboard cover star, surprised fans at both Seven Lion’s and Excision’s sets. 

Slander’s Main Stage performance saw Poo Bear guesting on their new tune, ‘Nikademis.’

Ultra’s tradition of special guest appearances continued with Steve Aoki’s star-studded set that involved live performances from artists like Kalan.FrFr, Kiesza, Kiddo, and Yellowcard’s Ryan Key. The high point was Timbaland’s guest appearance, MCing, while Aoki played his popular anthems. The set culminated in Aoki’s signature move—cake hurling— wrapping up an unforgettable day of collaboration and performances.

Rare Back-to-Back Sets

Ultra Music Festival dazzled with an array of rare back-to-back (b2b) sets, merging talents for unforgettable performances. The Worldwide stage hosted an electrifying bass duel between RL Grime and Knock2. At the same time, The Cove offered a trifecta of synergy with wAFF b2b Cuartero, Joris Voorn b2b Kölsch, and Dubfire b2b Ilario Alicante, blending distinct techno and house vibes. 

Oliver Heldens’ Hi-Lo and Eli Brown paired up for a dynamic house session, and the UMF Radio stage saw captivating b2bs by Paradoos and Volaris. The Oasis stage featured Die Maschine b2b Scott Knight and a unique b3b with Andy Pate, Christopher James, and Rod B. Yet, the festival’s climax was the spellbinding chaos from Madeon and San Holo, a pinnacle of collaborative energy.

Technological Marvels

Ultra Music Festival pushed the boundaries of modern entertainment by merging exceptional music with breakthrough technology to elevate the overall experience. An emblem of this was Sunday night’s breathtaking drone show, where 420 drones orchestrated a dazzling display. These flying machines danced rhythmically in the night sky, creating a visual spectacle of light and motion akin to a celestial ballet synchronizing with the beats below. 

This spectacle, combined with the elaborately designed stage setups, fused cutting-edge tech with music, amplifying the sensory immersion. Ultra’s commitment to such technological marvels positioned the festival at the forefront of innovation, promising revelers not only a musical extravaganza but also a visual feast, thereby accentuating each moment of the festival.

The Rise of Drum’n’bass

Ultra Music Festival’s latest edition underscored the resurgent popularity of drum’n’bass, reintroducing the genre to the forefront of the electronic music scene with dynamism and vigor. A testament to this resurgence was the undeniable energy and enthusiasm that permeated the air during standout performances. 

Acts like Chase & Status and Excision became linchpins of the genre’s revival, delivering pulsating sets that showcased drum’n’bass in all its frenetic glory. Their performances not only captivated long-time aficionados but also attracted a new generation of fans, highlighting the genre’s evolving appeal. This revival at Ultra signals drum’n’bass’s enduring relevance and versatility, ensuring its prominent place within the festival’s diverse musical tapestry and the wider electronic music landscape.

The Grand Finale

The grand finale of Ultra Music Festival 2024 was etched into history with Calvin Harris’ electrifying Main Stage performance. The crowd’s response was volcanic, with fans reveling in the reunion, grooving to the transcendent fusion of nostalgic anthems and contemporary beats. 

This ecstatic culmination of the festival reminded fans of Ultra’s significance as a cultural milestone, a place where electronic heritage and future meet. As the last echoes of Harris’ set faded, there was a palpable sense of a journey completed and excitement for the monumental 25th anniversary in 2025. Anticipation buzzed through the elated fans, eagerly waiting to see how Ultra will outdo itself for such a landmark celebration.


As the curtains fell on Ultra Music Festival 2024, even the rain became an accomplice in the revelry, making the connections and euphoria that much more intense. Under Miami’s weeping skies, revelers found joy magnified, dancing with an enthusiasm that only the promise of rain can inspire. Every splash was a beat, every drop a note in the shared symphony of celebration. Don’t let the next one pass you by—join the dance, feel the rush, and be part of the magic. 

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