The Mesmerizing Framework in the Desert 2024 Event

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The Mesmerizing Framework in the Desert 2024 Event

In the expansive, arid charm of Thermal, California, the legendary Atlantic Aviation hangar morphed into a vibrant nightlife hub. Over Coachella’s premier weekend, April 12-14, 2024, Framework in the Desert hosted an assembly of sonic masters, immersing attendees in the techno-clad world of Charlotte de Witte and the house heartbeat of Dom Dolla. Imagine it: Jets soared alongside dropping beats.

Couldn’t make it? No need for concern. Prepare to journey through the event that reshaped festival revelry and unveiled a spectacle under the desert stars. Read on to discover what you missed.

The Venue

Nestled in Thermal, California, the Atlantic Aviation hangar offered an unparalleled stage for Framework in the Desert. Its unique melding of an indoor/outdoor setup created an expansive canvas for revelers. With the rugged Desert as its backdrop, the venue’s airport hangar charm showcased a dynamic interplay of technology and nature. 

As planes glided overhead, their silhouettes against the twilight sky added a thrilling dimension to the musical odyssey. Therefore, this location was not just a venue but a pivotal character in the event’s story of unforgettable nights under the stars.

Artist Lineup Overview

Dive into the rhythmic heart of Framework in the Desert as we celebrate the artists who electrified the stage and tune into the beats that moved everyone.

Friday Highlights

The opening night of Framework in the Desert set the Desert ablaze with performances that are still echoing in the hearts of attendees. Charlotte de Witte, techno’s reigning queen, captivated the crowd, weaving a spell with her hypnotic beats. Reinier Zonneveld’s live performance was a masterclass in melding technology with raw emotion, creating an immersive experience. 

Rebuke unleashed a torrent of rebellious beats, signaling his meteoric rise. Minus the Light set the bar high, laying down a foundation for a weekend packed with unforgettable music. Each act, a unique thread in the festival’s vibrant tapestry.

Saturday Standouts

Saturday at Framework in the Desert shimmered under the brilliance of house music’s finest. Dom Dolla, the shining star of the genre, delivered a set that had everyone on their feet, encapsulating the essence of house music perfection. Gorgon City took attendees on a deep dive into the depths of Deep House, enveloping the Desert in lively rhythms. 

Underground sensation Patric Mason emerged from the shadows, captivating with his unique sound. Azzecca’s beats buzzed beneath the desert sky, creating a contagious energy. Surprising and delighting, Orso’s set unexpectedly stole hearts, marking a memorable highlight in the festival’s lineup.

Sunday’s Unforgettable Finale

Sunday’s finale at Framework in the Desert was an unforgettable crescendo of electronic euphoria. John Summit stood at the apex, orchestrating waves of joy with his masterful set, rounding off the weekend with an energy that pulsed through the thrilled crowd. Cloonee took revelers on a journey through mesmerizing, groovy basslines, weaving a tapestry of sound that danced under the desert sky. 

Will Clarke, the bearded wonder, dropped bass-heavy bangers that vibrated through the grounds, captivating everyone within earshot. Closing the weekend, Annicka infused the air with ethereal energy, her performance a perfect encapsulation of the festival’s spirit. Leaving attendees in awe and anticipation of what’s next.

Beyond the Dancefloor: The Full Framework Experience

Beyond pulsating notes and starlit dances, the full Framework in the Desert experience expanded horizons of indulgence. Specialty PATRÓN Tequila cocktails, inspired by the Desert’s spirit, introduced a refreshing twist to the festivities. A variety of food trucks served up everything, from gourmet delights to comforting classics, feeding the energy of the event.

Outdoor social areas became oases amidst the sonic Desert, venues for relaxation and deep conversations overlooking the mesmerizing airport runway. Amid the glorious blend of music, location, and luxurious amenities, everyone reflected, reveled, and redefined what a musical getaway could be.


From dynamic beats rippling through the desert night to the generous flow of cocktails, Framework in the Desert didn’t just happen. It exploded. This unforgettable event painted our memories with a vibrant palette of music, camaraderie, and indulgence. As we look forward to painting the Desert with sound once more, expect the unexpected; expect more magic. Take the chance to be part of history, framed under the starlit canopy. Be there for the next Framework in the Desert event.

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