The Ground Shakers: Top Artists Not to Miss at the Seismic Dance Event 6.0

Seismic Dance Event 2023 Lineup

The Ground Shakers: Top Artists Not to Miss at the Seismic Dance Event 6.0!

Get ready for a seismic shift in your weekend! From Friday 10th to Sunday 12th November 2023 in Austin, TX, the Boutique House & Techno Music Festival will rock your world. Featuring beats from world-renowned artists like ANFISA LETYAGO, ANKLEPANTS, MK, CHRIS STUSSY, and many more, the sonic experience promises to be unforgettable. Don’t miss out on explosive sets from CHRIS LAKE, KERRI CHANDLER, LOCO DICE, KASKADE, VNSSA SPACE, and DEADMAUS to name a few. 

This complete weekend will sway the dance-loving crowd into a rhythmic trance. Stay tuned to delve into more about the artists that promise to make this event an unforgettable sonic experience. Your journey into the exquisite world of techno starts here!

Experience the Seismic Magic!

Dive into a three-day party odyssey at the Seismic Dance Event! Our stages, both indoor and outdoor, will host a lineup bursting with global headliners and regional stars, soaring under the banner of world-class production. Entertainment doesn’t stop with the music – dazzling performers will thread the event together, with art installations to pique your curiosity, food trucks that satiate your cravings, and vendors for your festival mementos.

But here’s where the Seismic difference lies – our crowd makes the experience, a thriving assembly of upbeat vibes from across the country and the globe. Drawing together the coolest of connoisseurs, we’re an inclusive, rhythmic tribe. And keeping the beat with nature, Seismic pulses as a sustainably-minded event. 

Friday Lineup

Launching the Seismic Dance Event on Friday, November 10th, is none other than the maestro of electronic music – Chris Lake, the highlight of the day, promising a rendevouz full of mesmerizing rhythms and dazzling sounds. Alongside Lake, artists like ANFISA LETYAGO, CHRIS STUSSY, FATUM, and KERRI CHANDLER, among others, will grace the venue, each bringing their own unique flavor to the audio-visual feast. 

Pulsating beats from KREAM, LOCO DICE, MAU P, QRTR, and SPACE 92 will reverberate through the night, interspersed with the vivacious vibes of WALKER & ROYCE. Expect an electrifying performance from upcoming talents such as ALEC MICHAEL, EPROW MECYWOW, and S4P TEXO. It will be an unforgettable night that beautifully blends beats and exhilaration. Don’t miss the magic.

Saturday Lineup

On the crest of a seismic Saturday, the pulsating beats of Deadmaus will shake the event, making him the undeniable headliner. His electrifying performance shall set the pace for a night filled with a symphony of sounds. Co-creating this festival of rhythms are artists like ANKLEPANTS and ASTRA CLUB, their beats promising to energize every reveler under the starlit sky. 

CCAOUIA • DJ WINO and AllECCA will twist and turn tempos, whilst BOYS NOIZE, ELI BROWN, and HOZHO surge waves of euphoria into the crowd. PATRICK MASON, PAW SA, RANGER TRUCCO, and STEPHAN JOLK 178’s eclectic beats are set to ensure a non-stop dance frenzy. With the upcoming talents of RANK HARRISON, PHAMSTAR, SAWN°, and VANCE LAWRENCE, anticipate an exhilarating night of entrancing music.

Sunday Lineup

Get ready for the grand finale this Sunday at the Seismic Dance Event, featuring the electric wizardry of Kaskade to wrap the weekend in a crescendo of rhythm and melody. Harmoniously uniting with Kaskade’s charm is our special guest MK, ready to spin enchanting tunes that will transport every reveler into a state of euphoria. 

The tantalizing beats of 999099999, FIDELES, FRANKY WAH, and KLANGKUENSTLER will weave through the night air, followed by the hypnotic sounds of KOROLOVA and LOVRA. Watch as VNSSA and WAX MOTIF turn up the heat, and keep an eye out for the blooming talents of MASONS, ANNA SHAW, KAMM, Of LAY READ, and THOSE SHADOWS, each promising to leave a lasting imprint on this unforgettable Sunday serenade.

The Afterparties

As the Seismic nights fall, the pulsating party continues. Friday sets the mood, with Chris Lake and Mau P. spinning entrancing beats into the dawn. Saturday’s afterparty escalates with the dynamic duo – Sara Landry and Chippy Nonstop enticing you with their infectious rhythms. The grand finale on Sunday features none other than Franky Wah and Korolova, ensuring the perfect cap-off with their electronic anthems. Savor the Seismic afterglow at our unforgettable afterparties!

Grab your Tickets Today!

Don’t miss the chance to be part of the most vibrant and diverse dance fiesta of the year! Seismic Dance Event promises a scintillating blend of music, art, gastronomy, and eco-conscious celebration. So, revel in the rhythm, let the melody move you, and join our global tribe. Hurry, tickets are selling quickly – secure your Seismic experience now!

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