The Fluffy Cloud Experience Recap

The Fluffy Cloud Experience Los Angeles 2021

The Fluffy Cloud Experience Los Angeles

This past Saturday The Fluffy Cloud brought an insanely large-scale sound and light experiential artwork to downtown Los Angeles. This was a full-scale interactive art and immersive music event celebrating wellness, music, and playfulness.

This was not just a concert, but rather an experience. Throughout the venue were vendors selling an assortment of unique clothing and accessories, food trucks, a ball pit to play in, a ferris wheel to get some great views, air hockey, and other games; alongside a massive Fluffy Cloud. It was a sight to see and was enjoyed by everyone there.

The Fluffy Cloud

The Fluffy Cloud first debuted at Burning Man in 2019 and has since made its way to Los Angeles. Towering three stories high with a fluffy sound-reactive exterior; the cloud can be seen and heard from far away.

There are over 33,000 LEDs illuminating and making this a sight to see. It would constantly change colors and patterns.

This has a 60,000-watt high-fidelity point-source sound system, which can be heard equally well anywhere around the cloud. The Fluffy Cloud is capable of creating a 15,000+ square foot 360-degree immersive audiovisual experience unlike any other.

Since the sound is coming from above you rather than directly at you it feels like you are being engulfed within the music. The sound system reaches frequencies 32% lower than any other system on the market. This creates extraordinary fidelity across all frequency bands.

Music Schedule

The day was broken down into three phases. The first was an acoustic immersion and wellness practice under the Cloud’s ultra low-frequency sound system led by some of the world’s leading practitioners in sound therapy and mindfulness. This was very relaxing and therapeutic.

The second phase is a live acoustic/electronic ensemble performance led by HAUT and a live band. If you enjoy live music then you did not want to miss out on this musical act.

The third phase consists of some of the top international DJs performing. This included Mind Against (Afterlife), Sainte Vie (Akumandra), Yulia Niko (Crosstown Rebels), and Lauren Mia (Anjunadeep) who took us through a dynamic range of deep house and melodic techno not often heard in Los Angeles.

Overall Experience

This was a unique experience that was not just a concert. The interactive art, games, rides, and crafting made this a great experience. We are looking forward to seeing where The Fluffy Cloud travels next. Learn more about The Fluffy Cloud here.

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