The Alchemy Tour – Rawhide Event Center

The Alchemy Tour

The last leg of the Alchemy Tour featuring Huxley Anne, Svdden Death, The Glitch Mob, Seven Lions, and Gud Vibrations took place at The Rawhide Event Center and featured a wide variety of amenities.

Walking in attendees entered the venue based on their ticket of either GA or VIP/Pit. The VIP/Pit entrance offered its own line that led directly to a private bathroom, drink station, sitting area and walkway to the front of the stage. The difference in lines led to a shorter wait time for all attendees and allowed everyone to enter into the event quicker than usual. 

The outside single staged event left a massive amount of room for people to walk and dance about. Towards the back of the crowd was a long row of stations where attendees could gather to order drinks or food. There were multiple drink stations that had several hard liquor drinks and mixers to choose from. Beers and malt liquors like LYTT were also available for purchase.  

When the munchies hit concert goers were able to choose from Mexican cuisines, like tacos to all American food like chicken tenders and fries. An Arizona favorite, Eegee’s was also an option to order throughout the night.

Tour merchandise for all of the artists performing that evening was open for sale to provide a souvenir to bring home.  Relentless Beats made sure to offer a dimly lit seating lounge with black tufted sofas so those that needed rest could relax comfortably but still not miss a second of the show.

Industrial sized Igloo jugs made water available all night so attendees could continuously fill their packs and keep hydrated throughout.

The stage production and sound were probably some of the most memorable in Rawhide history. The Pit offered an intimate and personal viewing of the acts that night and although smaller than the general area, you never felt cramped.

The Alchemy Tour set the stage with a total of 3-tiered lighted rows that cascaded from the top of the stage. These later shape shifted to create the infamous “Atom” when Gud Vibrations closed out the event. Multi-colored lasers beamed throughout the evening that went to the rhythm of the music and created an aura of nirvana and togetherness.

Although the venue was outside, it had no impact on the quality of sound. No matter where you decided to call home base for the evening you were guaranteed to experience the same quality in sound.

The Alchemy Tour went out with a bang and Arizona was proud to be home to the last stop of the tour. As always the crowd brought about relentless energy throughout the evening. All who attended were reminded of why they continue coming to shows housed at the Rawhide Event Center.

The community and quality of these events continue to grow and exceeding all expectations.

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