Surviving The Apocalypse: Zombieland Unleashed

Apocalypse Zombieland Lineup 2023

Surviving The Apocalypse: Zombieland Unleashed

Embark on a thrilling adventure, starting Friday, November 24th, 2023, as you traverse post-apocalyptic landscapes and face hungry undead. Zombie Land offers adrenaline-filled excitement for horror fans, thrill-seekers, and team-bonding groups alike. 

Engage in realistic combat, strategic escapes, and shelter-building, while encountering immersive costumes, special effects, and spine-chilling scenarios. Can you survive the horrors of Zombieland? Don’t miss this ultimate apocalypse test!

Artist Lineup Highlights

Kicking off on Friday, November 24th, 2023, the Zombieland apocalypse experience gets amplified with an epic artist lineup. Expect intense energy as Adventure Club and Andy C with Tonn Piper set the stage. Dive into the unique sounds of Excision (Detox Set) and Zeds Dead, preparing you for the imminent ‘apocalypse’.

As Saturday, November 25th dawns amidst your survival journey, elevate your spirits with bass-heavy rhythms from Excision, Ivy Lab, and Zomboy. With Alix Perez and others generating compelling soundscapes, the day takes a transformative turn.

Immerse yourself amidst zombified chaos, enlivened by electrifying beats that promise to heighten your senses throughout the event.

Afterparties: An Unforgettable Nightlife Experience

The forthcoming Zombieland afterparties at the Queen Mary from 12 to 4 am will ignite the night with unforgettable energy. Hitting the decks will be music powerhouses like Automhate, Barely Alive, and Chee, who will blast exhilarating, boundary-defying beats. G-REX and Ivy Lab are set to deliver an auditory feast that stretches the limits of expectation. 

Artists such as Jessica Audiffred, Virtual Riot, and Subfocus will offer a varied palette of performances that hint at the unpredictable. Koven, Kumarion, and Montell2099 are prepared to bring innovative sounds that reshape norms. Capping off with Sumthin Sumthin and Sweettooth, the electrifying blend of dubstep, drum ‘n’ bass, and electronic music will maintain the pulse of the celebration throughout the night.

Welcome to the Stages of Zombieland!

At the Zombieland stage, prepare for a heart-pounding experience, featuring heavy hitters like Excision, Zeds Dead, and Funtcase. This eclectic mix promises an adrenaline surge from dusk ’til dawn.

The Apocalypse stage will resonate with unique rhythms produced by Adventure Club, Virtual Riot, and Yellow Claw, among others, establishing a thrilling backdrop as you navigate the apocalyptic landscape.

The Containment Zone stage houses an array of sound innovators like Alix Perez, Sub Focus, and Andy C with Tonn Piper, promising a melodious synergy of futuristic beats and nostalgic rhythms.

Lastly, the Lab stage is set to experiment with boundaries, with artists such as Ivy Lab, G-Rex, and Automhate at the helm, sparking captivating sonic experiences.

Join the Apocalypse Rhythm!

In conclusion, Zombieland promises a mind-expanding blend of energy, rhythm, and unrelenting excitement, encapsulating the spirit of the apocalypse with captivating beats. Step into this other-worldly journey, revel in each beat, and prepare to transcend boundaries. Don’t wait, secure your tickets now. 

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