Support the good homie @skatecrunch “️PLEASE TAG ANYONE YOU KNOW THAT FOLLOWS US…

Support the good homie @skatecrunch “♻️PLEASE TAG ANYONE YOU KNOW THAT FOLLOWS US SO THEY SEE THIS POST 🙌🏼✌🏼
The short story is, we’re not sure what happened exactly BUT we have the realist OG social media ninjas & samurais on the case – working on getting it all resolved 😉👍🏼
✔️ That said, we launched Skate Crunch almost 3 years ago as a way to share skateboarding clips publicly that we shared with fam & friends privately. From day one, it’s been super rad to see everyone enjoying what we put out AND MORE IMPORTANTLY creating a positive impact & deserved exposure for the skaters we’ve featured. At the end of the day, we’re psyched on what we’ve done so far & ALL the skaters & dope peeps we’ve got to meet … AND the life experiences we’ve been fortunate enough to have … all because of running Skate Crunch.
It’s truly been amazing 💯
👉🏼 Where we go from here remains to be seen. In the worst case scenario – if we have to … with your help, we’ll start over from scratch & rebuild from the ground up. We always planned on a transition here to @skatecrunch eventually … but never did for one reason or another. Maybe it’s time has come?
Last but certainly not least, a huge thanks & a massive S/O to everyone reaching out to us privately! You know who you are and we sincerely appreciate your continued support … it’s all love — ALWAYS ❤️🖤🙏🏼💯” @skatecrunchmag

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