Sullivan King Sells Out the Palladium

Sullivan King Sells Out the Palladium

Sullivan King Sells Out the Palladium

Sullivan King’s newest album, Thrones of Blood, is one of the most ambitious albums featuring EDM fused with metal guitar that’s ever been produced. With a matching ongoing tour hitting mostly cities in the U.S. with some Canadian and European venues mixed in, Sullivan’s hard work and many years of practice have paid off in a big way.  

He played a packed show two nights in a row at the iconic Hollywood Palladium on April 7-8 and will be on tour through September. On his Thrones of Blood album, Sullivan King features collaborations with Excision and SVDDEN DEATH on the tracks “Fall Apart” and “The Pursuit of Violence”, and is so far proving to be his best-selling and most exciting album yet. 

From the Streets to the Stage

Sullivan King wasn’t always on stage in front of tens of thousands of fans, however. He idolized guitarists as a child but recognized the power of self-produced EDM and dubstep in about 2010 when DJ-producer combos like Srillex and Deadmau5 were blowing up. From there he began fusing the two genres together, a difficult task but certainly one that brings promising results. 

These results have brought him out of his bedroom and the audience at the Palladium in his native Los Angeles onto the stage, packing the house with fans and friends alike. However, King is no stranger to hard work, as he credits the many years of ceaselessly working to hone his craft for his success.  

His unique brand of metal-style shredding and guitar riffs combined with immaculately produced EDM and heavy electronica drum beats, collaborations with EDM superstars like Excision, and his classic alt-rock vocal power present a powerful symbiosis between the two genres. It works extremely well, but isn’t attempted by many due to the difficulties of combining guitar and complex, shrieking dubstep growls like the ones used by Excision on the track “Fall Apart”. Thrones of Blood, however, makes it work and the show is a high-energy, dynamic presentation that doesn’t lose any of the magic.

What’s Next for Sullivan King

With a packed few months on the Thrones of Blood 2023 Tour, King’s audience is sure to grow exponentially. He considers it to be an exciting time for musicians, with an explosion of new sounds generated by social media exposure helping artists break out of the traditional genres.  

The 30+ date tour features special guests Kai Waichi and YOOKiE, and support from Level UP, Benda, and Vastive. He’ll be playing many other iconic venues besides the Palladium, like the Majestic Theater in Detroit and Washington DC’s Echostage.  

After that, he has a show in Belgium, two in Canada, and one in France, rounding off the tour with what are sure to be some very memorable European shows. Tickets are reasonably priced, with general admission tickets usually starting at around $30. It’s well worth it for the display of technical mastery and face-melting dubstep riffs that you will be exposed to. 

From there, Sullivan plans to head back to Los Angeles or his studio in Miami to work on another album, part of the dedicated grind that true musicians like him never cease laboring at. It’s the desire to be better than the last effort and to attempt to make a name as not merely a performer, but a driver and innovator of new sounds, genres, and techniques.

With a skillful mastery of the guitar and synthesizer and the way he brings them together as few have before, Sullivan King and his Thrones of Blood album are well on their way. It’s perfect music for a live show, and the energy and his ability to build up and release tension are some of the best in the game. Don’t miss the next dates on his tour, as they are selling out fast!

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