Step into the Pulse Pounding Beat of CamelPhat


Step into the Pulse Pounding Beat of CamelPhat

Imagine the air crackling with energy, heartbeats syncing with electronic rhythms, and colorful lights setting Los Angeles aglow. From September 16th to 18th, 2023, this vibrant tapestry of sensory ecstasy was woven at Pershing Square, S Olive Street at the explosive CamelPhat music event by Framework

For three mesmerizing days, the electrifying English DJs and production duo ignited the city, creating incomparable standout moments that still echo in our collective memory. Feel the thump-thump-thump of the LA music scene yet again. Keep scrolling, and immerse yourself deep into what makes the LA music scene so special.


CamelPhat, the renowned English DJ and production duo, has proven to be a relentless force in the global dance music industry. Known for their distinct house and techno beats, they are celebrated for their ability to invigorate crowds and redefine genres. 

Their Open to Close event, playing from the start to the end of the party, aimed to showcase their dynamic range but also to engage audiences in an immersive musical journey. Set in Pershing Square, the vibrant heart of Los Angeles, this three-day extravaganza in September 2023 thrived amidst the city’s rich musical culture and electric atmosphere.

Event Overview

The Open to Close event, from September 16th to 18th, 2023, transformed Los Angeles’ Pershing Square into a pulsating arena of resounding beats and infectious energy. As the heart of the city came alive under the expert twists and turns of CamelPhat’s mixes, the atmosphere was electrifying. 

The enthusiastic crowd, composed of a diverse mix of music lovers, danced and celebrated deep into the night, engaging passionately with the captivating performances on stage. This dynamic three-day spectacle served as a testament to CamelPhat’s unparalleled ability to captivate audiences and create a musical celebration like no other.

Key Performances

CamelPhat’s performance stood as the pulsating heart of the Open to Close event. Their impeccable transitions and masterful twist on beats left the crowd craving for more. Notable highlights included their iconic recreation of “Cola”, which sent waves of nostalgia rippling through the audience, and the debut of new tracks, offering refreshing strokes of creativity. 

The duo’s intense energy and versatility kept the crowds on their toes, inciting roaring applause and ecstatic dances. Each set was a soul-stirring performance, painting the LA night with vibrant soundscapes, masterful mixes, and an unforgettable display of their dynamic musical prowess.

Personal Experiences

At CamelPhat’s Open to Close, fans experienced an unforgettable musical journey. The euphoric energy was intense, with attendees describing it as “an electrifying carnival of beats”. For some, it was their first live concert in a while, making emotions run high. 

A group of fans even traveled across states to witness their favorite duo’s performance. The lingering pulse of music, the unity in the crowd, the bursts of bright lights, and the raw energy of the artists created unforgettable personal stories. These powerful memories demonstrate the transformative and connective power of such musical events.

Event Impact

CamelPhat’s Open to Close event left an influential impression on LA’s music scene. Beyond providing an extraordinary experience for attendees, it revitalized their love for vibrant electronic music in the post-pandemic world. The event’s success has prompted discussions about future extended set performances, paving the way for similar high-energy events in LA and beyond. 

It has also solidified CamelPhat’s stature as pioneering artists, capable of stirring a palpable momentum in the dance music industry. The event reminded everyone of the collective, communicative, and uplifting power of music, resonating far beyond Pershing Square.

Join, Ignite, Dance, Repeat!

CamelPhat’s Open to Close extravaganza at Pershing Square left fans yearning for more exhilarating music events. This unforgettable, immersive celebration featured captivating performances, creating lasting memories for all. Don’t miss your chance to join the dance revolution and experience the magic for yourself. Stay tuned for future events, follow CamelPhat on social channels, and be part of the next groundbreaking musical marathon, where rhythm, unity, and endless memories await.

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