Splashing into Summer at Splash House

Splashing into Summer at Splash House 2022

Splashing into Summer at Splash House

2022’s summer party season opened with a splash on June 12th-14th at a major party destination in Palm Springs. Called Splash House, it features three hotel resorts, each with its own poolside stage, where world-famous musicians, artists, and DJs like Diplo and Chet Porter played and sang their hearts out. General admission pool passes allowed attendees to gain entry at any of the three pools so they can find the perfect experience for them, and there are still two more weekends in August to experience this once in a lifetime party.

The Scene

Splash House is a quintessential scene for the summer rave lineup. For those who enjoy a mixture of electronic dance music and a party atmosphere, it’s a must-attend event. Although much of the fun is had by the pools, there are a number of rooms and balconies offering a dry-land party experience as well.  

Splash House is based around three hotels: Renaissance Palm Springs, Margaritaville Resort, and The Saguaro.  

Renaissance Palm Springs

A large, spacious resort with fire pits and a large area around the pool to party in, this hotel is the largest facility of the three and serves as the unofficial hub linking the three parties.

Margaritaville Resort

An ironic, island-inspired hotel styled after the classic Jimmy Buffet song, this hotel turns into its own version of Margaritaville during Splash House.  

The Saguaro

The Saguaro is known for its iconic styling and coloring, as well as panoramic views of the San Jacinto Mountains. Parties at the Saguaro are a perfect choice for those looking to get the perfect shot for social media or experience a more closely connected atmosphere.

The unique thing about Splash House is that every hotel has a different party going on with its own vibe, so those attending this festival were able to find the perfect type of event for them no matter what they were looking for. From bikinis in the sun to people feeling the bass drop while underwater, this festival provided a lifetime of surreally beautiful and profound moments.  

Nighttime in the Desert

It’s been said that nighttime is when the party at Splash House really kicks off. After a day spent enjoying the pool parties and wandering through the labyrinth of increasingly private rooms and balconies, party-goers converge onto the Palm Springs Air Museum for a rave amongst the old fighter jets and other show planes. Only those who hydrated well and drank water throughout the day made it this far, and the party continued long into the night.  

The Palm Springs desert is a magical place at night. The stars are brilliant, the air is cool and summer sweet, and the people dance with sweet abandon as their worries and cares have washed off in the rebirth of the pool water.

The Artists

Splash house featured some major artists, with Diplo as the headliner. Some other artists that made a splash were Channel Tres, Yung Bae, Hayden James, Dombresky, and Noizu. This was a lineup that featured heavy dance music like drum and bass beats and dubstep, so low and loud it even vibrated the pool water.

Many more DJs and artists were performing throughout the days, like Hannah Wants, Kyle Walker, and Major League DJZ. The beats were fat and the bangers dropped hot and heavy by the poolside as people danced and sang in the water.

For those who had been practicing their underwater dancing and aerobics skills, it was an excellent chance to exercise those talents. For the others, it was an excellent and exciting pool party, offering irreplaceable moments and opportunities to interact and connect with those around us. Not just a party, Splash House represented a way of life, a return to a simpler and more profound connection with both the people around us and the water that gives us life. 

Make sure to get your tickets for Splash House on August 22 here.

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