Splash House June 2023 Recap

Blake Daryaie_Drone

Blake Daryaie_Drone

Splash House June 2023

Do you like music? Do you like swimming pools? Do you like dancing with hundreds of other people? Splash House is definitely the event for you. It’s a festival set up between three hotels in Palm Springs, CA, that promises incredible music, camaraderie, and memories. It’s something that you’ve got to experience at least once in your life. 

That was what happened to the people who went there in early June. They had a blast. Here’s what they did.

Three Hotels One Goal: Fun 

When they set up their trips, they had a choice of three hotels – Margaritaville, Renaissance, or Saguaro Palm Springs. If those were filled up, they also had the option of an offsite hotel, the Hilton Palm Springs.

If you wanted to feel like you were on a tropical island, Margaritaville was the place to go. Fortunately, the guests didn’t feel like they were stuck like a castaway – the hotel had plenty of amenities … and music. 

Renaissance, on the other hand, was like coming to the desert. There were cacti, plants, and butterflies that added to the scenery. The guests weren’t hallucinating from lack of water, though. The hotel was gorgeous, and it had fantastic pools and balconies that kept them from getting burned by the sun – which would be replaced by pink and purple skies as it made its way down the horizon. .

Alumni from previous Splash Houses recognized Saguaro. It was the place where it all kicked off a decade ago. Bright yellow beach umbrellas dotted the pool and  gave it an especially summery feel. 

Once the sun set, that didn’t mean that the fun ended. People who still wanted to keep the party going moved to the Air Museum, where they were dancing to songs while the San Jacinto mountain range provided the perfect backdrop. They did have to get separate tickets for this event, though.   

They Got Their Groove Going In The Pools

This is where the guests lived up to the name Splash House. They could jump up and down in the water along with the sound waves or chill out on one of the floats, idly bobbing along as other people expended their energy. There was an option for everyone. 

Things to Keep in Mind

Now that we know what the people who attended in June did, there are some things to know ahead of time if you want to go during one of the later dates:

  • Splash House is for adults. If you’re not at least 21, then you shouldn’t bother applying. They will check your government ID when you get there, so no fake IDs, either! Otherwise, you’re not going to get in and you’re going to be out any money that you spent to get there and any hotel payments.  
  • If you’ve been there before, then you have a good shot of getting early bird status. The promoters at Splash House really appreciate the alumni from previous years and they showed that gratitude by opening up early access for people who had been there in previous years. Take advantage of that. 
  • The main thing to remember is that you can’t use cash at Splash House. They take everything else, though, ranging from credit and debit cards to Apple and Android Pay. 
  • There are complimentary shuttles that will take you back and forth to each hotel. 
  • They are going to party whether it rains or shines. 
  • You can leave and re-enter different venues provided that there is enough room. 

The first Splash House 2023 was from June 9-11. Don’t worry, though, you’ve got two more chances to go this year – Aug. 11-13 and Aug.18-20. You’ll be able to bid farewell to summer in an excellent way.

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