Solomun at Exposition Park—A Night of High-Voltage Visuals & Deep Beats


Electric Dreams: Solomun at Exposition Park—A Night of High-Voltage Visuals and Deep Beats

Framework Presents: Solomun at Exposition Park in Los Angeles on June 1, 2024, delivered an unparalleled visual and auditory spectacle that elevated the experience of electronic music performance. The event, staged by Framework, featured the world-renowned DJ and producer Solomun, known for his dynamic sets that blend deep house with techno nuances. This recap endeavors to capture the essence of the event, which is heralded as one of the most advanced and fully realized visual productions in the history of Framework’s events.

Upon entering Exposition Park, attendees were greeted with an extraordinary setup that replicated a high-tech power plant. Framework, in a bold move away from traditional stage designs, constructed a custom stage that incorporated elements resembling an industrial power plant. This structure served not only as the focal point for Solomun’s performance but also as a projection surface for an elaborate visual show.

The stage was equipped with Tesla coils strategically positioned to shoot out dramatic bolts of lightning, enhancing the electrifying atmosphere of the night. Pyro and smoke machines added a layer of mystique and intensity, enveloping the crowd in a visually immersive environment. The integration of these elements was not merely for aesthetic purposes but also to intensify the sensory experience of the music.

In addition to the physical elements, the visual production included projection mapping of intricate power plant visuals onto the structure. These visuals were not pre-synchronized with the music, which is a departure from typical concert visuals. Instead, the visual artists at Framework were actively listening, responding, and live mixing the visuals to align with Solomun’s music in real time. This approach meant that there was no rehearsal with the artists beforehand, and each visual response was a live interpretation of the music as it played, making each moment unique and unrepeatable.

This method of live visual mixing is particularly notable because it reflects a deep understanding of the symbiotic relationship between visual art and music. The spontaneity of the visuals not only complemented Solomun’s reputation for dynamic DJ sets but also ensured that the audience’s experience was continuously engaging and fresh throughout the performance.

The event at Exposition Park was more than just a music concert; it was a multisensory exploration of the intersection between technology, art, and music. The power plant-themed stage and the accompanying visual effects set a new standard for live electronic music performances, providing an unforgettable experience for all who attended.

In conclusion, Framework presents: Solomun at Exposition Park was a resounding success, showcasing the innovative spirit of Framework and the artistry of Solomun. The event’s fusion of advanced technology, live visual creativity, and captivating music not only entertained but also inspired attendees, leaving a lasting impression of what the future of live music events can look like. The seamless integration of music with dynamically responsive visuals created an atmosphere that was nothing short of magical, reaffirming Framework’s status as a leader in electronic music event production.

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