Abec 7 Skateboard Bearings


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  • Abec 7 Precision Bearings
  • Stainless Steel Balls and Polished Races
  • Lightweight, Low Friction Nylon Cages
  • Removable Non-Contact Rubber Shields
  • Water and Dirt Resistant
  • Pre-Lubricated with Shralpin Speed Oil
  • Roll Faster, Ride Smoother
  • Rider Tested with High Impact Approval
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Shralpin ABEC 7 Precision Skateboard Bearings are created for skateboarders by skateboarders with affordability in mind. They offer an outstanding fusion of durability and top-notch performance that set them apart as a leading product in the industry. These high-quality precision bearings have undergone tried and true testing by our riders and are approved for high impacts, no matter how gnarly your rides may become. Shralpin is dedicated to keeping you rolling as fast and as smoothly as possible at a reasonable price so that you can ride easily without worrying about pesky elements like dirt and water in your skateboard bearings. Check out our complete guide on how to find a set that work for you.

Skateboard Bearings Buyers Guide

Skateboard Bearings Infographic

Buying and assembling your skateboard piece by piece is better than buying a pre-assembled board. Most preassembled boards cost less because you cannot choose what brand of bearings you would like to use. Buying individual parts allows the skater to build a highly customized skateboard to suit their needs. It also allows skaters to have more control over how they want their skateboard to function so that they can take care of necessary repairs on their own while saving time and money in the process.

However, assembling a board isn’t as easy as it may sound. It involves finding a deck, trucks, wheels, bearings, hardware, and grip tape that is to your liking as each part holds its own value. A quality deck will not break when executing large drops and gaps, bearings and wheels will help you ride faster and smoother, quality grip tape will help your feet stick to the board, and strong rucks and hardware hold everything together to prevent breakage.

What Are Skateboard Ball Bearings?

are the small metal rings in the wheel that allow the board to spin freely. They also reduce the damage on the axle and the wheels. Technically speaking, there’s metal on the inside of the wheels, which results in friction with the axle. However, as the axle is fixed, this plays a very crucial role in helping the wheel spin.

If the ball bearings aren’t working properly, the friction may become worse. This can lead to the wheels not being able to spin freely which results in damage to both the wheels and the axle.

As far as size goes, most bearings come in the industry-standard size and will fit all skate wheels. This universal size is 22mm for the diameter, with the core and width being 8mm and 7mm respectively.

What are ABEC Ratings and Why are They Important?

Simply put, an ABEC rating is a measurement of the quality and precision of a skateboard bearing. A higher ABEC rating means that a higher-quality metal was used and has a higher level of precision and accuracy.

There are 5 different grades that are used to measure the quality and precision – 1, 3, 5, 7 and 9, with 9 having the highest level of precision and the best quality of metal. It also means that there will be a lot less friction allows the wheels to spin freely and smoothly.

That being said, let’s take a closer look at the exact meaning behind each grade.


ABEC 1 is the cheapest and is made with low-quality metal. They lead to a very high level of friction that tends to take a toll on the overall accuracy.


These are quite cheap and do not offer much in terms of smoothness and quickness because the wheels cannot roll with undesirably high levels of friction.


ABEC 5 is a very balanced option. They are standard quality that is reasonably smooth, fast, and affordable.


ABEC 7 tends to come with a high level of speed and smoothness but cost slightly more than others.


ABEC 9 are the best quality that you can get for your money’s worth. They are quite expensive but are also the fastest and the smoothest on the market. High-quality metal is used which means that there will be a lot less friction involved. These are considered the best for downhill skating and grinding out tricks that require insane speeds.

Beware that there are a few companies that do not follow ABEC ratings. Instead, they have their own customized rating system for various reasons, arguably claiming that ABEC ratings do not take important factors into consideration.

What are the Parts of Skateboard Bearing?

While skateboard bearings look small at a glance, they are quite complex and consist of seven different parts. We will be examining all parts and their functions. 


A small thin ring keeps the shield in place.

Bearing Shield

As the name suggests, this part acts as the shield. It protects it from dirt and other agents. The shield is a ring, too, but larger than the c-ring.

Outer Ring

This round metal ring is the largest part and casing in which all the other parts fit.

Inner Ring

A smaller metal ring that’s placed within the outer ring. It plays a crucial role in the functioning as it fits through both the wheels and axles from side to side.

Steel Balls

Considered to be the most important part of the bearing, it consists of 6 to 7 ceramic or steel balls that allow the casing to roll freely.

Ball Retainer

The ball retainer is another important part that helps the casing roll freely while keeping the individual ball bearings in place.

Rubber Seal

Rubber seals are the rubber exterior that protects it from dirt, dust, and other damaging agents.


Understanding how these parts work helps skateboarders understand more about how their boards function as well as how to deal with problems and repairs.

Keep in mind that cleaning these individual parts is also important. It ensures that they function properly, prevent friction, and keep the wheels spinning.

If you’re into street skating, you will need to clean these parts twice as often. Street skating usually leads to an increased risk of damage because of exposure to harmful agents such as dirt and debris.

Determining the Quality of Skateboard Bearings

Skateboard bearings come in two different materials. It is important to understand how these materials function so that you can choose the one that is right for your skating needs.

Steel Skateboard Bearings

Steel are very common and are more popular than ceramic. When it comes to the overall quality including inner balls, sealing, and the quality of steel, things tend to vary from one brand to another.

The general assumption is that the best quality skate bearings tend to cost the most while the cheaper ones will cost less and may not be made from high-quality materials. This assumption proves to be true since higher prices tend to come with better sealing, more inner balls, and a higher quality of materials used in general.

Beginner skaters might not notice a major difference between cheap and expensive, but most of them can feel it when coming to a sudden stop while performing a trick. Using cheaper bearings may also lead to stiffness over time because they tend to be less resilient to dust and other damage-causing agents.

If you’re a serious skateboarder, your best bet is to spend a little more money and invest in higher-quality products. Higher quality can stand the test of time and offer the level of precision and accuracy that you are searching for.

Ceramic Skateboard Bearings

Ceramic bearings are a relatively new concept and are arguably better than standard skate bearings. They offer a better level of smoothness and precision that ensures minimal friction while putting them to use. Ceramic also does not tend to expand in the heat and is less prone to any type of damage.

On the downside, ceramic tend to cost more than regular bearings. Spending more money on ceramic means that you are investing in better quality bearings that have lower maintenance requirements.

There seems to be quite a bit of confusion over whether ceramic balls are better than standard and worth the higher cost. While there doesn’t seem to be a definite answer, ceramic seems to have the upper hand.

The balls are made of ceramic and the other parts are made of steel. The quality of steel used tends to be higher than the metal that is used in regular bearings. The ceramic balls boast a very strong exterior and contain ceramic powder on the inside. This unique combination helps ceramic bearings become extremely lightweight yet surprisingly strong and durable.

There is a minor downside associated with the (stronger) balls that ceramic come with. Once they are damaged, they will stop working completely and you may not be able to repair it. Keep in mind that this is a rare occurrence and something you should not be taking into serious consideration.

Another important feature of ceramic is that they come with more balls than steel, which results in better overall performance.

There seems to be a surprisingly large number of skaters out there who swear by the level of precision that ceramic offer as well as the amazing low maintenance requirements. They aren’t prone to rust and will not need to be replaced as often as steel.

Two Important Options

Spacers and washers are two important additional options that you may want to consider so that you can assess if they would be a good investment for you. Let’s dive into further detail to examine what they bring to the table.

What Are Bearing Spacers?

Spacers are equipment that is designed to improve the overall performance of your skateboard and increase the durability. Spacers are small metal cylinders that are situated between the bearings that ensure reduced pressure on each bearing and improved smoothness and stability while maneuvering turns.

While they are not necessary to own, especially if you’re a casual skater or long boarder, they can be helpful to utilize at times. Spacers are a good choice if you’re looking to perform advanced tricks or skate a lot in general.

Bearing spacers are typically very inexpensive as far as pricing goes, regardless of whether they are made of steel, aluminum or another type of metal.

Spacer sizing is completely dependent on the dimensions of your skateboard. The most common size seems to be 8mm x 10mm, with an 8mm axle diameter and a 10mm bearing width.

When it comes to the overall spacer width, simply keep in mind that longboards are larger than standard size with a width of 10mm. The common overall width for skateboard spacers is 8mm.

What Are Skateboard Speed Washers?

As the name suggests, speed washers are used to increase the speed of the skateboard wheels on your board. They also help reduce friction, which translates to more protection.

Speed washers are also known as “speed rings” and washers. This part is situated between the nut and the bearing where it functions as a buffer.

While speed washers are another additional option, they can turn out to be a useful investment if you enjoy skating at high speeds. Keep in mind that they may need to be replaced from time to time depending on the intensity that you skate at and the types of tricks you perform.

Replacing speed washers is a simple task. If you see any signs of damage such as rusting or corrosion, you can simply remove the nut and put the speed washer in. Most skaters would need the standard size for their board, which is an 8mm axle diameter.

Check out our Abec 7 skateboard bearings today for a faster, smooth rides today!

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