Mason Silva

4132 9001 300x300 - Ams
Mason Silva Sponsors Element, Thunder Trucks, Spitfire, Nike SB, Sock Posse Mason Silva Stance Regular Mason Silva Hometown Manhattan Beach, California

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Miika Adamov

DEW TOUR 2016 Team Challenge Miika Adamov1 300x300 - Ams
Miika Adamov Sponsors Enjoi (flow), Nike SB (flow), PLA Skate Shop, Autobahn Wheels Miika Adamov Stance Regular Miika Adamov Hometown Sacramento, California

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Scott Decenzo

2029 9001 300x300 - Ams
Scott Decenzo Sponsors Plan B, Indy, CCS, RDS Clothing, Arnette, Monster Scott Decenzo Stance Regular Scott Decenzo Hometown Delta BC, Canada

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Tre Williams

5800 9001 300x300 - Ams
Tre Williams Sponsors oy Machine, Dekline Footwear, RVCA, Stance, Ashbury, Independent, Spitfire Wheels, Active, Bro Style Tre Williams Stance Goofy Tre Williams Hometown Riverside, California

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Trey Wood

4262 9001 300x300 - Ams
Trey Wood Sponsors Blind, Monster, Triple 8, SoCal Skateshop, Uncle Skate, Khiro Skateboard Products, Globe (flow),187 Pads, Bones Wheels (flow) Trey Wood Stance Regular Trey Wood Hometown Queen Creek, Arizona

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Tristan Funkhouser

6308 9001 300x300 - Ams
Tristan Funkhouser Sponsors Baker, DC Shoes and Apparel, Thunder, Spitfire, Shake Junt, Val Surf Tristan Funkhouser Stance Regular Tristan Funkhouser Hometown Woodland Hills, California

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Pamela Rosa

17036 9001 300x300 - Ams
Pamela Rosa Sponsors Bones Wheels (flow), Bones Bearings (flow), Silver, Nike (flow), Diamond (flow) Pamela Rosa Stance Regular Pamela Rosa Hometown Sao Jose dos Campos, Brazil

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