Simon Doty’s Universal Language of Music

Simon Doty’s Universal Language of Music

Simon Doty’s Universal Language of Music

If you’ve ever seen “Close Encounters of the Third Kind”, you understand quite well that music is truly the “universal language”. Harvard University agrees, publishing a 2019 study titled Universality and Diversity in Human Song which demonstrates that music carries unique codes, syntax, structures, and information within it that is universally understood, based on common “underlying psychological faculties” that we all share.  

Breakout house music star Simon Doty would agree, looking forward to his upcoming album Universal Language, scheduled for release on April 28th, 2023 on the Anjunadeep label. Doty’s potent blend of deep progressive house, melodic soundscapes, EDM, and spoken word lyrics has earned him a rightful place among the top electronica music stars of the day. 

Who is Simon Doty?

Coming from an unlikely background deep in the Canadian wilderness, Doty first found success as a basketball star. The lanky, 6’ 4” forward/swing guard is a largely self-taught master of electronic music production, whose experience DJing while at university on a basketball scholarship led him to jump right into the musical deep end after graduation.  

Doty, however, is no newcomer to the scene, having released many successful records such as his hit EPs Dear Ben and Solaris.  His original songs The Beacon and Party With a Purpose both made a splash and earned him numerous accolades, and his collaboration with Marsh, Touch the Sky, has received over 3 million plays online.  

Doty’s newest upcoming album, Universal Language, features some strong collaborations which are expected to bring his sound to a whole new level. Fans are looking forward to hearing the sounds of My Friend, Tailor, Artche, Ruth Royall, and Roland Clark on the new album, which is projected to be one of the year’s hottest dance masterpiecesDoty describes his motivations for producing the album as largely to showcase the ability of house and club music to be both danceable and gritty while still retaining a powerful melodic and emotional side, similar to tracks by 2010’s house music superstar Deadmau5.

The Universal Language Tour

In order to promote and support his album, Doty is embarking on a worldwide Universal Language tour that will hit major cities in both North and South America, as well as Europe and Asia. His signature blend of techno beats, highly-crafted synths, and melodic, stabbing house basses is a crowd favorite and one that is sure to bring the house to the floor every time.  

Tickets are a steal, with an upcoming show on March 4th at a nightclub in Vancouver going for only about $25. For this level of world-class entertainment, it really doesn’t get any better than that deal. Of course, you might want to bring a few bucks for some drinks or other amenities at the club.  

Recently, Doty played a sellout show at the Sound Nightclub in Hollywood, for around the same price. In this intimate setting, fans got a surprisingly up-close and personal look at the star himself. His style of melodic house is perfect for both introspective conversations and dancing on the floor, making it a favorite of nightclubs like these.

One interesting aspect of Doty’s work is his collaboration with spoken-word artist Ursula Rucker, whose unique, poetic lines have earned her worldwide recognition and a place with legendary bands like The Roots. Doty has big plans for the future, looking forward to working with Nora En Pure, Knee Deep in Sound, and Realm, to name a few.

Keep your eye on him, because this forward is looking likely to be scoring some big points in the future. Tickets for the Universal Language tour are selling out fast and spots are limited, so be sure to visit his website and pre-order yours today!

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