Shlump Interview: How Skateboarding Shaped the Creative Process Behind ‘Drum Beat Goes Like’

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Shlump Interview

In this exclusive interview with Shlump, we dive deep into the intertwining worlds of skateboarding and music production. From the early days of carving out ramps and rhythms in his neighborhood to creating pulsating tracks like ‘Drum Beat Goes Like,’ Shlump reveals how skateboarding not only influenced his musical style but also shaped his identity as an artist. As he reflects on the adrenaline of skateboarding and its impact on his creative process, Shlump shares the profound connections between catching air on a skateboard and laying down beats in the studio, illustrating a life where passion paves the path for innovation.

Question: Growing up, how did skateboarding influence your music, and are there any specific moments or experiences while skateboarding that inspired ‘Drum Beat Goes Like’?

Answer: I started staking when I was super little and discovered a bunch of good music from skate videos that I would watch all the time. Transworld “the reason” is a video I watched so many times that had a ton of good tracks. A lot of weird stuff with drum breaks in the transworld videos so maybe that had a effect on my early mind lol

Question: Can you talk about the creative process behind ‘Drum Beat Goes Like’? How does the adrenaline or vibe of skateboarding translate into your music production?

Answer: “Drum Beat Goes Like”was super inspired by IDM and music with breaks in it. I wanted to make a bass heavy track that had lil idm type vibe dancing around it so that was the basic thought process. Skateboarding and music have always been a huge outlet for me so the major connection I have with them is the passion. They are the things I really love to do in my free time.

Question: Skateboarding culture is known for its distinct style and community. How do you think this culture has shaped your identity as an artist and the music you create?

Answer: Skating was probably the first thing I got really into when I was like 8 years old so it was my thing for a bunch of years growing up. Honestly when I got a lil older I started to fall in love with music and my focus kind of shifted. So skating was like my original love growing up until music came along lol

Question: If ‘Drum Beat Goes Like’ could be featured in any skateboarding video or movie, which one would it be and why? How does this track complement the energy and dynamics of skateboarding?

Answer: That would have to be one of the old transworld videos. Especially like “modus operandi”, that early era of transworld had such dope editing and hella music with breaks in it, I think it could totally fit.

Question: Besides being a musician, you’re also an avid skateboarder. How do you balance your time between these two passions, and has skateboarding ever helped you overcome creative blocks in your music career?

Answer: Skating is one of the things that can get me out of the studio when I’m at home. I travel so much for work, when I’m home I am such a homebody these days. So it’s nice being able to get out and get a session in. There are a bunch of dope spots to skate in my neighborhood and some cool parks in the area. So yea it’s definitely something that’s helped me in creative ruts. It breaks the energy up a bit and gets ya to move around, get some sunshine, see the homies, all that good stuff.

In conclusion, Shlump’s intertwining passions for skateboarding and music not only showcase his dynamic as an artist but also reflect a profound connection between the two worlds. From the rhythmic inspirations drawn from early skate videos to the adrenaline-fueled creativity that skateboarding injects into his music production, each element complements and fuels the other. As he navigates the balance between these two core aspects of his identity, skateboarding remains a vital escape and source of rejuvenation, helping him break creative barriers and stay connected with both his roots and his community. Through this blend of passion and creativity, Shlump continues to shape a unique sound that resonates with the distinct energy of both the skateboarding and music scenes.

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