Seven Lions Rocks L.A.’s Historic State Park

Seven Lions Los Angeles 2023 Tour

Seven Lions Rocks L.A.’s Historic State Park

Kickstarting a 2023 tour scheduled to run through June, melodic trance and EDM superstar Seven Lions played a major show on April 8th at the famous Los Angeles State Historic Park. He’s showcasing tracks from his latest album, Beyond the Veil, calling it “The Journey III Tour”, and he’ll be hitting major venues mostly in the United States with a few in Canada.

General Admission tickets are reasonably priced, usually starting at around $40.  Seven Lions is one of the hottest up-and-comers in the EDM scene, with a unique brand of lush melodic soundscapes mixed with classic synth drops and rave-style basses and beats. Supporting artists on the Beyond The Veil tour are Andrew Beyer, Bexxie, Gem & Taurie, Jason Ross, MitiS, OBLVYN, and Trivecta, and so far it’s proving to be one of 2023’s hottest concerts.  

Beyond the Veil With Seven Lions

Seven Lions, real name Jeff Montalvo, has worked with some of the hottest artists in the game, like Ellie Goulding, Illimeum, Kill the Noise, and Excision.  Beyond the Veil was released in October 2022 through Montalvo’s record label, Ophelia. Having previously worked with such major players as Skrillex’s OWSLA label, Seven Lions is now making it big with Ophelia and has seen many successful releases since he started it in 2018.

“The Journey III Tour” is a hit, with Montalvo’s trance and EDM skills coming to the forefront of the show. Featuring classic rave stabs, synth drops, and melodic dubstep basses, it’s a crowd-pleaser of a show and one that is sure to be successful through its many iterations through June. While L.A. State Historic Park is one of the largest venues; he will be hitting other iconic spots on the tour, like The Fillmore in Philadelphia and the Brooklyn Mirage before wrapping up at the Greek Theater in Berkeley.  

Seven Lions has shown that he has the power to fill a house, keep a crowd on its feet, and hold his own with some of the biggest names in music. From his psytrance drops to classic hard-hitting dubstep basses, it’s a show that ties together some of the most enduring and classic elements of EDM music today. 

The Journey III Tour

Montalvo is no stranger to touring, but this might be his most ambitious one yet. He’s been working on finding his sound since 2010 when he first realized the potential of self-producing electronic music rather than working with a band. Like many other stars in the EDM game, replacing the need to coordinate with a drummer and bass player led to much more practice time and the ability to perfect his producer/DJ skills.

Since then, he’s been participating in various tours and major festivals like SXSW, Electric Daisy Carnival, and Ultra. He’s had multiple EPs and singles on the Billboard charts and was nominated America’s Best DJ by the DJ Times in 2014.

It’s well deserved, as Seven Lions brings an unmistakable sense of authenticity and mastery to the electronica sound. It’s hard to pin down a genre for Montalvo, who often tries to incorporate unique sounds and styles into his work.  Beyond the Veil promises to be a landmark album in the field of electronic dance music and an album that will produce enduring staying power. 

The accompanying tour is a smash hit so far, with mainly sell-out crowds and packed houses. Seven Lions is looking forward to big things in the future and has a packed schedule coming up with about 40 tour dates packed into a 10-week schedule. Once that is done, he’ll be back in the studio and featured on some of the biggest stages in the world.

Buy your tickets for The Journey III Tour early, as they sell out fast!

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