Queen Mary’s Dark Harbor 2019

Queen Marys Dark Harbor

The Queen Mary held the 10th annual Dark Harbor Halloween haunt in Long Beach, California on the RMS Queen Mary ship. Throughout late September to early November, the Queen Mary in Long Beach transforms into Dark Harbor. This is an immersive event that is fun for teenagers and adults.

The Queen Mary and the surrounding parking lots are taken over with various mazes, street performances, a virtual reality horror experience, exciting rides, circus performances, and much more. Over 200 monsters haunt six terrifying mazes on the Queen Mary!

The Queen Mary is known for being haunted making this the perfect place to have a Halloween haunt. There is a long history of ghost stories and supposed hauntings on the ship. This influenced some of the mazes such as Room B340 to be like the actual hauntings. Guests can stay overnight on the ship, even during the haunt!

Dark Harbor mazes are unlike any other as they are hands-on. You can find secret bars in the mazes by collecting coins from the street performers. You then get hints on the coin as to which maze you need to visit and where the secret bar is. There are alternative paths in the mazes, which made things unique and personalized to each attendee’s preference.

There were rides to enjoy as well. The swings from Michael Jackson’s Neverland Ranch were in the middle of the Queen Mary parking lot. These always had a long line, but it moved quickly.

There is a variety of food and snacks to much on when you get hungry. There were lots of restaurants with stands to choose from. Also, some food trucks came in to serve hungry attendees. If you were really hungry there was an all you can eat taco buffet. The Queen mary also has restaurants onboard that you can eat at.

This is a fun experience and the Queen Mary really knows how to take things up a notch.

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