Proper NYE: New Year’s Music Odyssey


Proper NYE: New Year’s Music Odyssey

As the sun set on 31st December 2023, Proper NYE took over the heartbeat of music lovers, delivering a New Year’s event that vibrated through the soul of every attendee. Starring a constellation of artists, including BISCITS, Chris Lorenzo, ZHU, Tchami, Duke Dumont, and Nora En Pure, to name but a few, the experience they curated was nothing short of magic. 

Transitioning smoothly into 2024, the event unfolded across epic stages: The Field, The Lot, The Wall, and The Terrace, each offering a unique ambiance that heightened the sonic journey. The electrifying performances by headliners, coupled with the remarkable crowd energy, crafted an unforgettable start to the year. Unravel the magic further as we dive deeper into how this epic event went down.

Diverse Musical Performances

The array of stellar artists ensured that Proper NYE welcomed 2024 with a diverse canopy of soundscapes spanning various musical genres. The dance music world converged, pulsating with the invaluable influence of BISCITS’s deep house beats, the melodic trance by Nora En Pure, and the bass-heavy house of Chris Lorenzo. 

An almost tangible electricity ran through the crowd as techno king Boris Brejcha masterfully commanded the electrifying atmosphere. Meanwhile, the ethereal notes of Giolì & Assia’s live act provided a blending of acoustics and electronic sounds, a sensory experience like no other. It was this captivating variety of vibes that created a unique, unified groove, a testament to the transcending power of music.

The Stages

The New Year’s event by Proper NYE was a grand affair, featuring a star-studded line-up of artists at distinct stages.

On 31st December, The Field stage dazzled under the likes of Biscits, Chris Lorenzo, Duke Dumont, Hayden James, and Zhu, among others. These artists served the crowd a cocktail of music styles from deep house and UK garage to electro-pop.

Meanwhile, The Lot stage saw an impressive docket featuring global techno giants like Anna, Jimi Jules, and Rebūke.

The Wall stage hosted an eclectic mix, including 8kays, Chris Avantgarde and Innellea, adding an enticing layer of diverse electronic music.

The Terrace stage showcased house-driven sets from Sidney Charles, Tini Gessler, and Toman, closing out 2023 with electrifying energy.

As we stepped into 2024, The Field stage started the New Year in style with exhilarating performances from Chris Lake, Diplo, and Gorgon City.

The Lot stage highlighted the cream of the crop in electronic music, with CamelPhat, Claptone, and Maceo Plex gracing the decks.

Nora En Pure, Eli & Fur, and Giolì & Assia brought a unique mix of melodic tunes to The Wall stage, creating an intimate space for the audience.

Finally, The Terrace stage brought the heat with AC Slater, CID, and Walker & Royce, ensuring the first sunrise of 2024 was a memorable auditory journey.

Fan Reactions & Social Media Buzz

The Proper NYE New Year’s event sparked a tremendous wave of fan reactions and social media buzz. Attendees flooded platforms like Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook with videos capturing lively sets, animated dancing, and emotional responses to favorite performances. Hashtags like #ProperNYE2024 and #NYEwithProper NYE became synonymous with unforgettable memories. 

Posts celebrating the seamless transition from The Terrace’s house haven to Tchami’s future house set on The Field stage enthralled the online community. Tweets praised the synchronicity of the artists, the perfect balance of diverse genres, and the epic visuals that accompanied each moment. The event’s allure rapidly spread, shaping new music fanatics’ bucket lists and ensuring the festival’s place as a sought-after sensation for years to come.

Wrapping up!

FNGRSCRSSD’s New Year’s event marked an unforgettable transition into 2024, celebrating unity through diverse music genres. Their mesmerizing stages and powerful line-up set the bar high, calling echos of thrill across the globe. Can’t wait for the next musical journey that Proper NYE curates? Keep an eye out for their upcoming events. Let’s continue to support and cherish these sonic experiences that bring us together, one beat at a time.

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