Pillars of Society: George Toland’s Southbank Minute

Pillars of Society Featuring Jeremy Jones, Valentine Katz, Jake Snelling, Julian, Grant Dawson and Tom Delion.

George’s story: “Got so many good memories of Southbank, but one that stands out is chilling in the pit with everyone on the night that it was officially saved was wicked, happy faces all round!

Southbank is a home to many. It’s the go-to spot in Central London, it’s the vortex, you’ll always end up there after a night mission. Most people I skate with now I met at SB. You can always rely on someone being there.

I love filming Lukas Kacevicius flow round SB. Mans got that Lithuanian grace! Favourite clip I’ve filmed gotta be Eric’s nose manual up the bank – made it look way too easy. 3DAKID.

I’d be so hyped to see the little banks return and the rest of the space reopened. More good times to be had! SB forever!”.

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