Phoenix Lights: Among The Stars 2023

Phoenix Lights: Among The Stars 2023

Phoenix Lights: Among The Stars 2023

Phoenix Lights is the the 6th annual festival of this genre to bring back the memories of the random Lights in the heart of phoenix back in 1997. This festival being the smaller of most festivals that relentless beats puts on still has amazing lineups and layouts for the sizes they have to work with!


Main stage being called Mothership had a wide variety of space, including drink carts throughout the crowd that included drinks such as WhiteClaw, VooDoo Ranger IPA, water, Powerade and mixed drinks such as Vodka and tequila that could be mixed with mixers such as red bull, soda water and multiple kinds of sodas. This stage is the main stage you had plenty of room to walk around, dance, sit and enjoy the show from every angle.

Towards the back of the main stage, you could find many different instillations such as food vendors, merch tents and more drinks carts to quench your thirst in the AZ heat. Artists at this stage included headliners on the first night such as Martin garrix, Afrojack and San Holo.

Second night headliners included Crankdat, AC Slater, Ganja white Night, and filling in for the legendary DJ DIESEL that couldn’t make it due to health concerns, making his first Arizona debut ISOxo!

The next stage you could walk across after leaving mothership stage was called the Invasion beatbox stage, which was also the local stage. This being a smaller stage, it still included large art instillations in the middle of the stage that were Instagram worthy pictures for all festival goers! Throughout this stage you could find places to lounge, get drinks and also another instillation dedicated just for the PHOENIX LIGHTS logo!

This local stage included locals such as SVNDAY DRVR, JONIS, MYRTLE, OGK, ALEX THE LAD, and the closer day 2 QUEZ. This being the smaller stage it still had a huge crowd throughout the weekend!


This being the first time any festival relentless beats has put on inside the raceway it was very well put together and thought out for what they had to work with! Walking into the festival you had very short lines to obtain your tickets, also very short lines to get through security and walk through the long tunnel of the raceway to walk into the festival grounds!

Walking into the raceway you were welcomed by escalators to transfer you to the main level of the festival.Walking from stage to stage you could also walk through covered tents including a new attraction being an arcade lounge!

Games in the arcade lounge included old school games such as pacman, Galaga, Mortal Kombat, Donkey Kong and many more! Besides the arcade lounge another new attraction was a dodgeball arena.

Being safe and cautious you could sign up to play dodgeball with your friends and to meet new friends while walking from stage to stage. All in all the layout for the first ever show inside the raceway was a Success.

Food and Drinks

For the first time they had many new vendors. One including a very popular beer from New Belgium brewery VOODOO RANGER IPA. This being the main vendor for the festival, you could walk to any drink station and get a traditional IPA, or try one of their new fruity IPAS the fruit force!

Other vendors included Beatbox, WhiteClaw , GEN Z dispensary, and a common app called Radiate to get in touch with all festival goers in your area!

Food at the festival were mostly run by the concessions that are inside the raceway such as pretzels, chicken tenders, fries and a few food trucks that had multiple varieties of foods and drinks!


Walking into V.I.P you are greeted by the air conditioned and very well kept up bathrooms that are included in the V.I.P package. Throughout V.I.P you can also run into tall space art instillations that fit the alien vibes of the festival!

With V.I.P you can also walk up the raised platform stage that gives you a better view of the crowd and stage! Thank you so much relentless beats and relentless V.I.P for the best festival experience! Thanks you so much, until next time.

Zach Campbell, Seth Eastin: Shraplin media

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