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Omega Mart Meow Wolf

Meow Wolf’s Omega Mark

If you want to expand your art  buying experience, you will certainly do so in Las Vegas, thanks to Meow Wolf, the company that sponsors Omega Mart. Meow Wolf, or the company behind Omega Mart, creates the art for the venue.  Once you get your ticket for Las Vegas, you will have an art experience like no other. Meow Wolf’s other installation of art is in Santa Fe at the House of Eternal Return.  Another facility will feature Meow Wolf art in Denver in the coming year (2021).

Where to Get Your Tickets

Tickets are available online for Omega Mart at Meow Wolf’s website. Tickets include the admission for entry. Once you arrive, be sure to stop at the Omega Mart deli counter. That display and other art features, plus hundreds of hours of video media, create a fully immersive experience. RFID* cards are used to give guests more of a sense of the artwork featured as well.

*RFID stands for Radio Frequency Identification, a wireless non-contact use of radio frequency waves to transfer data. By using RFID tags, users can instantly and uniquely recognize and track assets and inventory. Radio frequency is conveyed at low-frequency, high-frequency, and ultra-high-frequency levels. Indeed, RFID has come far from its former use of identifying planes as a friend or enemy during the Second World War.

One Unique Grocery Store

A super “grocery” shopping adventure awaits you at Omega Mart’s Most Exceptional Grocery Store in America. When you are viewing the “grocery products” at the store, you are not just picking up unique laundry detergent boxes, rolls of tissue paper, or cereal boxes, you are also picking up and admiring someone’s art.

While some people may describe some of Omega Mart exhibits as “psychedelic,” the art store is so much more than a Vegas Neon experience. It engages art enthusiasts, causing them to think outside the box and embrace art on new levels. Not only is Omega Mart a fun venue to explore, it causes you to appreciate art with a whole new mindset.

Disruptive Art at Its Finest

Omega Mart is designed for almost everyone. While there are narrow  and hidden corridors and steps with flashing and bright lights, the attraction also makes it easy for people navigating scooters or wheelchairs, or individuals with service animals, to take optional routes. This is disruptive art at its finest – one experience that incentivizes people to take part in the activity time and again.

Omega Mart is located inside AREA15 in Las Vegas on 3215 South Rancho Drive. You should arrive approximately 10 minutes before your ticketed arrival time. If you want to see some really unique art and buy one-of-a-kind purchases, you won’t be disappointed when you see what Omega Mart offers. Get your tickets today here.

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