Next Up Foundation Pro Guest Nyjah Huston

On January 24th, Nyjah Huston paid a visit to Next Up headquarters, drawing a huge crowd of Next Up participants and local skaters from Anaheim. It goes without saying that Nyjah’s skills on a skateboard are impressive, but to see him perform up close and personal is another story! He tore up our little skate park, landing a majority of his tricks first try and getting everyone hyped. Nyjah was a also powerful mentor to the kids, taking time for photos, high fives, and autographs, answering questions, and giving advice. It is not every day that these young skateboarders get to interact with such a renowned figure in the skateboarding community, but the impact it has on their self-confidence, passion, and overall character is incredible. We would like to offer our kindest gratitude to Nyjah Huston for his support of Next Up Foundation and look forward to the next visit! Thank you, Nyjah!

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