Vujaday Music Festival 2019 in Barbados Recap

The second annual Vujaday Music Festival took place in Barbados during the week of April 3rd to 7th. Thousands of attendees from all over the world came together to enjoy music, art, the beach, sunsets, water activities, relaxation, great food, and everything in between. This year’s lineup comprised of a variety of artists including the following musicians: Bob Moses, Lee Reynolds & Mikey Lion, Lee Burridge, Danny Tenaglia, Bedouin, DJ Tennis, Damian Lazarus, Jeremy Olander, Soul Clap, Sasha, and many more.

Venue & Production

Vujaday is unlike any other festival as it takes place both day and night in different locations. There were five-day parties and five nighttime parties, some lasting well into the next day. Each party was in a different location so you got to explore different areas of the island. Luckily, the island of Barbados is small so the venues were at most 30 minutes from one another. To get from one venue to another they had shuttles set up. The shuttles ran throughout the night and would pick you up at different locations. There were taxis if you wanted some privacy on the way to and from the venue. You can also drive yourself, but that was a little sketchy as they drive on the left side of the road and the locals drive quite fast.

Starting on Wednesday the festival did not stop until early Monday morning. It was an amazing experience as all five-day parties were held on the beach from 1 pm until a few hours past sunset. Watching the sunset in Barbados while watching your favorite DJ play was a unique, intimate experience. The day venues included Tiki Bar, La Cabane, and Blue Pineapple. The night venues included Copacabana, The Bellevue, Harbour Lights, and Cornwall House.

The stage production and set up for the stage created an experience of transcendence and mind-freeing. It was a fun, island-themed stage turned disco. The lighting and sound system were on point the entire time. The music sounded clean and crisp. It made for a great experience. This year’s diverse lineup featured a great mix of live bands and DJ’s that catered to various tastes in music. There was something for everyone to enjoy out of the 40+ artists that performed at Vujaday this year.

Food & Drinks

All the venues had food and drinks available for purchase. There were multiple choices of delicious tasting foods. If you did not want to eat at the venue you could always go outside and find something to eat so no one was hungry, especially during those days where you stayed up for the sunrise.

Multiple bars lined each venue so everyone could easily get a drink without waiting more than a few minutes. There were some good drinks, but of course no island trip is complete without rum. The local rum in Barbados comes from Mount Gay Distillery, which brought an endless supply of rum to Vujaday.

Why VIP?

Having access to VIP amenities at Vujaday had its perks. Some of the perks included express crowd entrances (great view with an ample amount of dance space), private bars and vendors, relaxing lounges, and restrooms equipped with A/C. There was a private VIP day party with goodie bags for everyone attending.

Final Thoughts

This year was my first time and it will not be my last. Throughout the years, I have traveled across the world attending various music festivals, and without a doubt, this festival was unlike any other event I have attended. I would not have traded this unforgettable experience for anything in the world.  See you next time Vujaday!

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