Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort Review

Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort

When it comes to Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort is my Shangri-La.

If you are a beginner or an experienced rider Mission Ridge has something for everyone.

You can enjoy blue and green slopes that are relatively short and allows you to gain balance and confidence.

Mission Ridge also has the best nursery slopes as well as the easiest magic carpet slopes and lifts.

Now for the haven that Mission Ridge offers, and what Mother Nature offers in abundance on the trails, chutes, screamers, and bowls.

The awe-inspiring visceral vibe and the natural white snow beckons nothing short of an adrenalin pump as you explore over two thousand acres of these spectacular slopes with thirty-six designated runs.

The 2,250-foot vertical drop is a huge draw and quite the sight to see.

For obvious reasons, your safety and wellbeing are the priority at Mission Ridge. Ski gear, whether rented or your own, must be approved. We recommend gathering as much information as you can on safety so you can enjoy the slopes.

You can even hop over to the Burchett Patrol Summit Building where the ski patrollers will be happy to give you pointers on staying safe on the slopes and in the backcountry.

Come and enjoy the amazing slopes at the Mission Ridge Ski & Board Resort.

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