Mebak 3 Massage Gun Review

Mebak 3 Massage Gun

Mebak 3 massage gun is a powerful device for an intense massage session. This product is specially designed for athletes and people who suffer from muscle soreness. This handy massage gun comes with a lot of attractive features. The special features improve the massaging experience, unlike other massage guns in the market. Let’s check out some of the amazing features of this gun.

Speed Settings

Different speed settings are required for different muscle groups during a massage. Not all muscles need the same speed or pressure. A massage gun with an adjustable speed setting can make the user feel more relaxed. Thanks to the adjustable speed setting feature of Mebak 3, users can now use the gun on multiple parts of the body.

This gun comes with five different speed settings. Your target muscle requires different functions for different treatments. The device’s speed level 1 is quite good to warm up your muscles. You can use speed 1 during your pre-workout session. On the other hand, speed level 4 is favorable for muscle relaxation post a workout. One can utilize the changeable speed setting to suit his or her body needs. hen incorporating these massage techniques into your fitness routine, consider wearing suitable active wear for optimal flexibility and comfort during the entire process. The speed ranges vary from 640 RPM to 3200 RPM.

Massage Head Attachments

The product comes with 7 different massage head attachments. These attachments are interchangeable during a massage session. These Mebak 3 massage heads help the user manage massage pressure effectively. A single massage head does not apply to all body parts. Massage heads need to be changed according to different stiffness of different muscles. Interchangeable head attachments are a unique feature of the massage gun.

Massive Battery

The Mebak 3 massage gun includes a durable 2600 mAh battery. The user rarely runs out of charge during a massage. This gun offers a battery backup of up to 6 hours of continuous running. Doesn’t that sound impressive?


The quiet operation of this massage gun ensures serenity and peace during a massage. The sound is around 35-50 DB. This level hardly bothers the user.

Pressure Indicators

It is difficult to track the massage pressure during a session. This device is friendly in this aspect too. It has an LED pressure feedback indicator on its body. The indicator helps the user determine the massage pressure. Constant notification by the indicator lets the user know if the massage pressure is increasing or decreasing. Too little or too much pressure can make the muscles tense up rather than relax. This is why tracking the massage pressure is essential. This massage gun is a great option in terms of doing that effectively.

Massage Density

This powerful device offers a dense massage to the user. The 12mm deep tissue muscle massage system provides instant relief from muscle soreness through its deep penetration technique. It works on every torn tissue and muscle fiber in the body. This is why users love using this gun. The massage gun is also equipped with a slow-motion effect. This is in addition to all other features. This effect enhances the massage quality and offers maximum comfort. Consider incorporating a protein powder like this into your post-workout routine to further support muscle recovery and growth.

Sturdy And Lightweight Design

Despite being sturdy, the massage gun is not too heavy. This gun is comfortable to handle since it is lightweight. The user can apply the massage gun all over his body with ease. It weighs around 3lbs. That’s comparatively lighter than most other products out there.

Solid Grip

A proper grip on the massage gun is a mandatory feature. This gun has a comfortable grip and is friendly for users. This grip makes it easy to maneuver and ensures there are no mishaps due to the gun falling.

If you are looking for a complete body massage solution that comes with multiple features and is easy to handle then this gun is just what you need.

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