Mayan Warrior Art Car Visits Los Angeles, CA

Mayan Warrior Art Car Visits Los Angeles

The Mayan Warrior Art Car visited Los Angeles, California this past weekend on July 20 at El Pueblo Historical. This was the second, hopefully annual, visit to the City of Angels by the Mayan Art Car. The show took place from 4 pm to 12 am and was co-produced by Stranger Than.

Watching the sunset over the LA skyline, while having the Mayan Art Car was surreal. Once night fell the Mayan light up with all its lights, lasers, fire, strobes, and more. You cannot miss it with the number of lights it has. The trees were getting covered in lasers, which looked really unique.

There was a curated lineup along with artistic creators to develop a unique experience for everyone. The music sounded great with their sound system. It was loud and had a lot of bass, but was crisp and clean.

If you got hungry there were a few food trucks for you to choose from. There was even a dessert truck for quick snacks.

If you wanted to shop for unique, one-of-a-kind outfits then this was the place to do so. There were over a dozen vendors selling clothing for men and women along with unique accessories and jewelry.

The best part of this night is that all proceeds will help fund the Mayan Warrior Art Car at Burning Man!

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