MAINopoly 2024 Turns Santa Monica Into a Culinary Game Board

MAINopoly 2024 Turns Santa Monica

MAINopoly 2024 Turns Santa Monica Into a Culinary Game Board

The 9th Annual MAINopoly: A Taste of Main Street event in Santa Monica on May 19, 2024, was a delightful and vibrant culinary tour inspired by the classic Monopoly board game. This year’s event, like those before, turned Main Street into a playful game board where attendees, dressed in Monopoly-themed costumes, explored and enjoyed tastings from over 20 of Main Street’s finest restaurants, bars, and eateries.

The event spanned five blocks between Strand Ave. and Pier Ave., with The Victorian serving as the main check-in location. Attendees received “MAINopoly dollars” which they used to obtain food and drink tastings at various participating locations. The range of options included everything from craft cocktails and gourmet donuts to artisan pizzas and modern Mexican dishes, showcasing the diversity and culinary creativity of Santa Monica’s local businesses.

Adding to the festive atmosphere, the event featured a “Go to Jail” themed beer garden, free pedicab rides, pet adoptions, and photo booths, making it a fun-filled day for families, food lovers, and even pet enthusiasts. VIP ticket holders enjoyed extra perks like early entry and exclusive access to additional tastings and cocktails in the VIP areas.

The event also served a good cause, with a portion of all proceeds going towards The Main Street Business Improvement Association (MSBIA), which supports community programs and promotes Main Street as a unique destination for shopping, dining, and cultural experiences.

Overall, MAINopoly provided a unique way for the community to engage with local businesses while enjoying an interactive and enjoyable experience reminiscent of a beloved board game

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