Love Long Beach Festival 2022 Recap

Love Long Beach Festival 2022 LineUp

Love Long Beach Festival 2022 Recap

The 7th annual Love Long Beach Festival 2022 at Shoreline Aquatic Park was a two-day event to remember on July 23 and 24. The intimate gathering on the beach has expanded to a diverse music festival that includes things for the kids, yoga, and other great amenities to make it an enriching experience. The all-ages event continues to spread community, love, peace, and unity.

Venue & Production

The venue featured multiple stages, such as StarGate Stage, Noise Stage,  and Subtract Stage. Also, there are two villages to enjoy, the Healing Arts Village and Kids Village.

The StarGate stage had some fantastic live bands and tribal ceremonies that took it back to basics to give you that natural groove and energy.

The Noise Stage had the high-level performance you needed, from heavy bass to breaks to keep the party going forward.

The Subtract Stage provides a high-level energy show but focuses on the production value to create an intricate feel.

If you want a more relaxed atmosphere, check out Healing Arts Village to get a massage, do some yoga, or enjoy a quality workshop to help you heal your mind, body, and soul.

Don’t worry about a babysitter for the weekend. The Kids Village is perfect for them to enjoy arts and crafts, games, dancing, and more. They offer childcare from 11 am to 6 pm.

Food Vendors

They offer various options for your taste buds. Choose your food choices, such as vegan, Mexican, Mediterranean, or something else. If you love organic foods, you’ll have fun while being health conscious on your cheat day.

Nourish your body to help you keep going throughout the busy two-day music and wellness festival.

Why Pick a VIP Section?

You get a lot of action-packed vibes throughout the entire festival. Sometimes you want some exclusivity and a bit of a relaxing environment. The VIP lounge silent disco party offers you an alternative experience.

Maybe you want to go to the Healing Arts Village to get some cupping done. It’s an excellent way to smoke your favorite Biscotti strain, relax and rejuvenate yourself before heading to your hectic work or school schedule.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this was an incredible experience. The food was tasty, and you had various choices. The music had a great mix of live bands and DJs to give you an eclectic sound clash. The people were friendly, and the weather was just right.

I’d go back again to take in this exhilarating festival.

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