Los Angeles Super Bowl Experience 2022

Super Bowl Experience Presented By Lowe's Media Preview

Super Bowl Experience 2022

The Super Bowl is always a huge event that brings in people worldwide. Now that it’s in LA this year, there are celebrities, movies/TV premieres, and other epic things in the mix. Here are some of the intriguing things about this unique function.

When to Go

They split the LA Super Bowl experience into two weekends. People could go there Saturday and Sunday from February 5-6 for $20. Also, they attend the event on Superbowl weekend from Thursday-Saturday at $40.

If they wanted a more exclusive experience, they could buy the SBXTra ticket for $60. It gives people priority access to their favorite Super Bowl experience attractions all day at the time slot they purchased. Some of the great attractions included:

  • One autograph at the autograph stage
  • One photo at the Vince Lombardi Trophy
  • Unlimited access to interactive games
  • Unlimited access to NFL Play 60 Clinic Field

Since it was an all-ages event, it’s perfect for taking the family on an outing. Kids will love the interactive games, and they’ll encourage them to exercise in a fun way. Not to mention, it can help people get more involved in the community.

The interactive games were one of the most entertaining parts of the experience because they tested football history and events. It was fun to play and kept the family engaged with each game.

It was a magical time for the kids to meet and speak to some NFL players. The experience was inspiring because many kids never had the opportunity to talk to someone in sports and get some advice on how to go that route from college into a professional sports career.

The venue looked fun and interactive, from throwing a football at targets, looking at exhibits of autographed jerseys/shoes, and more activities to take advantage of the unique experience.

Transportation to the Event

Fans can always drive down to the venue. However, the parking lots in Los Angeles Convention Center are exclusive for ADA guests in West Hall, South Hall, and Venice Garage parking lots. However, they offer public transportation to help get there without driving near the area.

Also, fans got an incentive to take the Metro because they offered 50% off the general admission ticket (excluding the SBXtra fast pass). Fans had to confirm their TAP Pass by presenting it at the Super Bowl Experience Presented by Lowe’s box office.

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Metrolink also offered a special $8 Day-Pass for staff, volunteers, and fans attending the Los Angeles Convention center experience. There were different ways to take advantage of options when using the Metro.

Health and Safety

The event made everyone feel comfortable. With Covid still running rampant, everyone must stay safe in these times. Guests had to comply with the LA County Covid-19 health and safety protocols to access the Los Angeles Convention Center.

They required a mask and vaccination status for everyone over the age of 2. Any attendees in the venue had to provide proof of vaccination or a negative PCR test within 48 hours of going to the Super Bowl experience events. Also, they had to keep their masks on unless they were actively eating and drinking.

People could carry small bags to keep their belongings and move around the event more comfortably. People felt safe because everyone had to be under the same accord to help the events run smoothly.

Everything ran smoothly from taking pictures with the Vince Lombardi trophy, playing interactive games with the kids, and teaching the youth about exercise. Everyone enjoyed the experience, and the Los Angeles Convention Center was the ideal spot to have this social atmosphere.

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