Living the Dream at Dreamstate Harbor Festival

Dreamstate Harbor Festival 2022

Dreamstate Harbor Festival 2022

Dreamstate Harbor went off like a sweet summer daydream at Berth 46 in the Los Angeles Harbor on June 11th and 12th. It was a spectacular event, with views and panoramas of the Pacific Ocean and the city of LA that looked like a dream. Put on by Insomniac, the “dreamers” who attended this festival had the experience of a lifetime and got to hear incredible sets by Infected Mushroom, Alchimyst, Christina Novelli, and more. 

The Venue

The venue for Dreamstate Harbor was unlike any other. It took place on a small peninsula in Los Angeles Harbor, known as Berth 46, a large plot of land that juts out into the beautiful Pacific Ocean. This hidden and secluded beachfront spot provides the perfect place for a rave to go off without a hitch.  

The vibes were just right and the crowd was the perfect mixture of the LA party stratosphere, with positive ions from the ocean just a few feet away creating an atmosphere of relaxation and enjoyment. Luckily, parking in San Pedro isn’t as bad as it can be in some other parts of Los Angeles, and there weren’t many parking issues or a very long walk to the venue.

The party started at 3 PM and went on until Midnight. It was a Saturday and Sunday like no other, as partygoers danced the afternoon away. While there were the usual security checks before the entrance, it was nice to enjoy an atmosphere with fewer restrictions and worries than the previous years. 

The Artists

There were some incredible bands, artists, and DJs on the lineup for Dreamstate this year. Anyone who was into heavy music over the last two decades has heard of Infected Mushroom, and they were just one of many bands that rocked the house. Also included were performances by world-class artists like:

  • Craig Connelly
  • Gaudium
  • Khromata
  • Liquid Soul
  • Adam Stark
  • Suzy Solar

LA is known for attracting the top musical talent in the world, and this year at Splash House was no different. Crowds lucky enough to attend this rave got to experience some of the hottest artists available while dancing and singing along in one of the most beautiful locations on Earth.  

The set featured heavy music, with rap, dubstep, and electronica frequently played. This electrifying and rhythmically pounding music brought the crowd into a frenzy, only to release them when the bass dropped over and over. Those who thought electronic music was a fad that wouldn’t last are being proven wrong, as the crowds love the power of the drum beats and synthesizer. 

The Experience

The promoter of this festival, Insomniac, is the group responsible for the top electronic music festivals in the world, like the Electric Daisy Carnival. These festivals are famous for providing incredible experiences, and their infrastructure and capability to produce amazing sound design and visual shows are unrivaled.

While food options and beverages are common, you might also run into some profound art installations or performance art pieces. There will be those who are experiencing a beautiful moment in their lives, creating lasting memories and impressions. When you go to a party like this, you can take part in this fundamental act of connection and creation, and engage with others uniquely and memorably.

Shows like this are about so much more than just the music. They are founded by, created by, and attended by people who are part of a common subculture, based on the values of peace, love, respect, and unity. When you attend these shows, you can be sure that you will find more than just an incredible listening experience, you will make connections with others that last a lifetime.  We cant wait to go back to Dreamstate Harbor next year!

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