Just Like Heaven Music Festival 2022 Recap

Just Like Heaven Music Festival Recap

Just Like Heaven Music Festival Recap

The Just Like Heaven music festival went off without a hitch this weekend, May 21st, 2022, at Brookside Fields at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena, and it was truly a slice of paradise here on Earth. Incredible bands and artists like Modest Mouse, Interpol, and M.I.A. played some of their biggest hits and brought back nostalgic times of simpler years, while the crowd danced, sang, and swayed along to the tunes. 

Highlights of the Festival

This festival is one you won’t want to miss next year. The sunny spring Southern California weather meant that everyone was having a good time, food and drinks were flowing, and the girls (and guys) were dancing their hearts out. When the bands started playing their classic hits from the early 2000s, there was a palpable roar and sense of elation rising from the crowd.

The day began with a performance by the Cribs, while tasty food, stalls selling merch, and the usual festival partygoers got the day rolling. As the sun was shining and the cool Pacific breeze rolled in, it wouldn’t have been surprising if the heavens themselves parted and shone a beam of light onto this extraordinary moment in time. 

Amusements Galore

Besides the musical lineup bringing the crowd back to their roots, there were plenty of other attractions. There were people giving massages, food trucks, little shops, and even DJs performing hidden dance sets for anyone lucky enough to stumble upon them. 

As the day went on, you could catch any of the following bands performing their hits:

  • Bloc Party
  • Franz Ferdinand
  • Peaches
  • The Hives

And many, many more. This was an unforgettable experience for those lucky enough to be able to attend. 

Finding Bliss

As the day went on, people perused the shops, found their way to the dance stages, and ate delicious food. Wolfie’s Chicken, Goldburger, Delicious Pizza, and boutique items like Middle Feast and Smoothie Patrol offered excellent choices, including vegetarian and vegan options, along with multiple kinds of beer on tap. The beer is a perennial favorite at any music festival, and Just Like Heaven was no exception.

Of course, the best part about a festival like this is the connections people make. It’s been said that the divine is found best in the connection between people, when strangers let down their guard and the act they all put on for the world and receive and allow a genuine human connection. Whether it’s words of affirmation, eye contact, healing touch, or a shared euphoria on the dance floor, the connections, friendships, and memories made here will last a lifetime and provide a fleeting moment of joy any time they are recalled. 

Smooth Logistics

The organizers managed to pull off a miracle for Southern California, and parking was a breeze. There was plenty of available parking for all, and not much of a walk to get to the festival. It was a safe environment, with ample security to make anyone feel secure and allow their inner innocence to shine through. 

Fate smiled upon the festival, and health protocols were just right to allow a beautiful experience. After so long without festivals and with everyone’s face covered, it was a transcendent experience finally getting to see everyone’s gorgeous faces and smiles, and experience the closeness that can only come from a personal touch. 

Hopefully, next year will be the same, but in these times it’s imperative to seize a moment like this when it comes, as we have seen that amazing opportunities like this can, unfortunately, become unavailable. 

Just Like Heaven lived up to its name this year. This was a moment where the divine came to Earth, and the Festival Gods smiled upon all who attended, creating a beautiful moment in the sun that no one will want to miss!

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