Illenium with William Black at Omnia Nightclub in Las Vegas

Omnia Nightclub Illenium

Illenium at Omnia Nightclub Las Vegas

An amazing nightclub event took place on Saturday, July 2nd with Illenium performing with William Blac. It was a night to remember.  Illenium is also known as Nicholas D. Miller and is an American musician, DJ, and record producer.

The epic event was held at one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas, Omnia.  Omnia means “everything” and true to that name, it is where you want to be.   The Omnia’s setup includes:

  • a Terrace
  • a Balcony
  • the Main Room
  • and “the Heart of Omnia”

The layout of the club was designed to set and enhance the ultimate nighttime party experience.


The terrace sits at the very top of the venue and the sweeping vistas of the world-famous Las Vegas Strip. Guests have the opportunity to explore such grand features as:

  • Open-air areas designed as a playful and romanticized escape
  • Architectural LED strips that are embedded into the flooring and walls
  • Etched glass light fixtures and cantilevered lamp posts that provide a soft glow for the “after dark” festivities
  • An additional dance floor on the terrace
  • 50-foot long bar
  • Tiered cabanas
  • Plush sofas
  • DJ booth


The balcony of Omnia ascends two grand staircases to bring guests into the magical balcony area that is heavily influenced by the grand opera houses of the world.  Some of the inspirational opera houses that the Omnia lovingly emulates are the Metropolitan Opera, the Palais Garnier, and the Bolshoi Theatre.   Guests will be able to take advantage of grand features such as:

  • 12 opera boxes with excellent vantage points to the dance floor
  • 2 grand skyboxes that provide prime views of the artist performing
  • A plush area with luxurious finishes and custom, three-tiered chandeliers with an antique-brass finish

The Main Room

The “Main Room” is the “beating heart of Omnia and contains such treasures as:

  • A layered interior design that highlights luxuries including brown leather, stained oak, antique mirrors, and ornate screens that engulfs a main dance floor and the balcony above
  • The overall environment of the main room is wrapped in intricate beauty and decorative finishes
  • A colossal lighting system cascades throughout the entire club’s main room that truly makes the nightlife come alive.

Illenium and William Black’s Performance

Illenium’s latest album, Fallen Embers, released in July of 2021 earned Illenium his first Grammy nomination.  Fans were thrilled to hear some songs from that album, as well as other hits, such as, “Good Things Fall Apart” and “Takeaway.”

Though William Black is a lesser known DJ and producer, he is already making a splash with his own music.  Some of his more popular songs includes “Back To U,” Deep End,” “Deep Blue,” and “Butterflies.”

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