Groove Cruise Miami Rocks the Boat

GCMiami23 Group Pic @kathysnapped

GCMiami23 Group Pic @kathysnapped

Groove Cruise Miami Rocks the Boat

This year’s edition of Groove Cruise Miami exceeded all expectations with its latest expedition from January 19 – 23 from Miami to Labadee. With beguiling themes such as, “Over the Rainbow,” “Saturday Night Fever” and “ABC – Anything But Clothes”, it’s no wonder this event sold out almost immediately with an ever-growing waitlist. In a chaotic world, Groove Cruise offers flawless organization and planning so that attendees can think about only one thing for a moment: capturing their perfect party experience. 

The recently upgraded ship, called Celebrity Summit, features all the world-class amenities you expect, with gourmet restaurants, bars, casinos, spas, and anything else you desire on this all-inclusive trip. From thrilling casino games like UFABET เข้าสู่ระบบ และชนะ to exciting slot machines, there’s something to delight every passenger aboard. Groove Cruise pulls out all the stops, sacrificing nothing to provide the most exciting, luxurious experience possible.  

Private Paradise in Labadee



This version of Groove Cruise headed for one of the finest and most luxurious destinations possible, the private paradise of Labadee. Known for its sparkling waters, white sand beaches, and private amenities, Labadee is renowned worldwide for its ability to provide a tropical destination that feels like home. There’s no shortage of activities when you get to shore, from zip lines, to roller coasters, to signature drinks.  

Who was the captain of this astounding experience? Everyone – everyone who attended was the captain of their unique adventure, and in the Groove Cruise family, each individual is the most important person in the world. Once you join Groove Cruise, you become part of a second family – #GCFAM.

Not only was the cruise about becoming part of a second family, but it was also about freedom. In a stress-free environment, where anyone can dress as they wish, eat where they want, and escape from the world but feel safe at the same time, the atmosphere aboard the ship was like a dream come true that will last a lifetime in the minds of the attendees. 

A Chance to Meet Your Favorite Artists

The music lineup was just one part of the perfectly prepared weekend, with artists like Claptone, Jauz, Marcus Schulz, and Nora En Pure performing, with a strong focus on the hottest electronic dance music artists today. Some of the other artists playing sets aboard the Celebrity Summit were:

  • Jauz
  • Nora En Pure
  • EDX
  • Bijou
  • Gene Farris
  • Last Heroes
  • Genix
  • Deep Fake
  • Nostalgix

Of course, this was just the beginning of the entertainment, with over 40 different artists featuring top-of-the-line sound systems, lighting, special effects, and outrageous set and stage designs. From the all-night ragers to smaller, private parties, Groove Cruise has any type of event you might be looking for.  

Of course, there was time for rest and relaxation between all the celebrations – but up close and personal with the actual artists. One of the most exciting and unique things about the Groove Cruise is the ability to actually spend time with your favorite artists, as all passengers, DJs, and entertainers are on board the ship together. This type of environment facilitates an extraordinary experience that is unlike anything else you have ever experienced. 

There was wine tasting with Markus Schulz, giant Jenga with Gene Farris, karaoke with Adam Scott, a Ping Pong tournament with Gioli & Assia, basketball with Nostalgix, and much more. 

What Makes Groove Cruise Unique?

There were also events for “thrill jockeys” including:

  • The Dragon’s Breath Flight Line: World’s longest Zip Line.
  • The Dragon’s Tail Roller Coaster: Coat down Labadee’s mountainside.
  • The Dragon’s Splash Water Slide: Cool off on this exciting saltwater slide.
  • Boat and Island Tours: Beautiful boat tour around Labadee’s Private Paradise.
  • Jet Skis: Labadee’s own wave jet ski tour.

Groove Cruise isn’t just a party ship. As mentioned earlier, it’s about creating a family. There were times for serious, heart-felt events as well, such as mental health talks, workshops, and a celebration of life to honor those who are no longer with us. The spiritual aspect of the ocean symbolizes the end of physical life and the beginning of spiritual rebirth, and it was a poignant and memorable moment for all who attended.

Attendees had a chance to share their stories and messages through environmentally-conscious methods, such as biodegradable wreaths and notecards that were thrown overboard. For many, this was a chance for closure and healing, as the salty ocean waters represent the sea of infinity from which we all came, and to which we must all return.

Groove Cruise also represents a chance to give back to the world around us. Founder Jason Beukema and his company Whet Travel run more than just a floating party ship, they are constantly looking for ways to give back to the communities they visit.  

Depending on the location, this can come in the form of volunteers serving meals to orphaned children or even performing cleanup work to provide safe housing for those who need it most. If you’re feeling up to volunteering, selflessly giving back like this truly is one of the best ways to find peace and happiness in our world.

A Music Festival Like No Other



With shared rooms starting at about $999, Groove Cruise really gives you bang for your buck. Compared to most other music festival costs, what you get here is so much more for the money. On top of incredible music, some of the top DJs in the world, and music that never quits, you get to experience the typical luxury of a cruise ship on the open ocean. 

For the cost, there’s nothing else that compares. In fact, you might just have a hard time going back to ordinary land-based festivals like Electric Daisy Carnival or Coachella. The sparkling seas, sun-bathed tropical beaches, and ethereal ocean-atmosphere create an aesthetic that nothing else can even come close to touching.  

If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to attend an at-sea, floating rave with all-hours parties, dances, and private events, then this is the trip for you. Look no further than Beukema’s dream come true, as he has come closer than anyone ever else has to creating paradise right here on Earth.  

It’s a tropical dream unlike anything else you will ever experience, at a price that can’t be beaten. Give Groove Cruise a shot, but make it quick because their tickets sell out fast! Book Miami 2024 here.

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