Groove Cruise 2024 Must-See Artists

Groove Cruise Miami 2024 Lineup

Groove Cruise 2024 Must-See Artists

Get ready to embark on an exhilarating oceanic adventure, as the legendary Groove Cruise celebrates its 20th year on the open sea! Setting sail from Miami on January 24, 2024, this epic fiesta brings party vibes and golden sunsets to the idyllic Great Stirrup Cay, in the Bahamas. Headlining this monumental 20th-anniversary event are world-renowned dance music titans – Tiësto, Diplo, and John Summit on 11 grand stages onboard.

This year’s support acts span the rich tapestry of the electronic music scene. Decode the electrifying performances by Aly & Fila, Amidy, Anthony Attalla, and many more. There’s a sound to suit every electronic music lover’s palate.

Do you really need more reasons to join? Fret not, read on and find out why Groove Cruise 2024 is not just a cruise – it’s the ultimate electronic music paradise you should not miss! Cue the confetti, the ultimate sea celebration is about to set sail. Book your tickets, and let’s groove on!

The Groove Cruise Experience

Groove Cruise 2024 will be an extraordinary seaborne music festival featuring famed electronic music artists such as Tiësto, Diplo, and John Summit alongside fan-favorites Gene Farris and Markus Schulz who add their distinct blend of electronic music to the festivities. The exciting lineup also includes the return of Aly & Fila, Amidy, Anthony Attalla, Boris, Deepfake, Factor B, Gabriel & Dresden, LP Giobbi, along with Ophelia Records’ Gem & Tauri, MiTiS, Trivecta, Halien, and Blastoyz. UK’s Joel Corry, LA’s Kyle Walker, house duo Max Low, up-and-coming Ranger Trucco, and mau5trap’s Speaker Honey also join the roster.

In addition to music, Groove Cruise offers over 50 artist-hosted activities like games, tastings, and workouts, facilitating personal interactions between artists and fans. The cruise takes a step beyond entertainment by integrating charity initiatives by the Whet Foundation and mental health workshops by When the Music Stops. A special feature includes a Destination Donation trip to Bahamian communities. We celebrate Groove Cruise’s 20th anniversary with an array of music legends, newer acts, and socially conscious events, promising fans an unforgettable seafaring experience.

Headline Acts To Look Out For

Tiësto, Diplo, and John Summit are headlining Groove Cruise 2024, promising electric performances on the high seas. Tiësto, a Grammy-awarded DJ, will bring his high-energy dance mixes, guaranteeing an immersive trance experience. Diplo, renowned for his genre-blending style spanning from EDM to pop, is expected to bring his dynamic setlist, ensuring an electrifying performance. 

John Summit, a rising house music star, anticipates keeping the party going with his dance-inducing beats. Together, they symbolize Groove Cruise’s commitment to delivering diverse and electrifying music, ensuring every moment aboard the cruise is filled with rhythms that make your heart dance. Get ready for a non-stop music experience like no other.

Supporting Artists Not To Be Missed

Groove Cruise 2024 boasts an impressive support lineup that covers the extent of the electronic music spectrum. Introducing renowned artists like Aly & Fila with their high-tempo trance, Anthony Attalla’s groovy tech-house beats, and Blastoyz’s pulse-pounding psytrance. Attendees can look forward to dance-inducing rhythms from Biscits and experience the multi-genre mixes of Amidy. 

With acts as diverse as Boris’ techno to the unique house mix of Cocodrills, there’s music to suit every taste. Gem & Tauri promises to bring a high-energy set, while Markus Schulz’s tantalizing trance assures an unforgettable experience. Be prepared for riveting performances that will keep your adrenaline pumping as you dance under the starlit skies aboard Groove Cruise 2024.

Artist-Hosted Activities

Groove Cruise 2024 will offer the unique privilege of experiencing artist-hosted activities. These events provide fans with a chance to interact with their favorite artists in an intimate setting. From a friendly bar crawl with MiTiS to a competitive NBA 2K tournament with Gene Farris, there’s something for every taste. Fans can join Lilly Palmer for Mario Kart, or engage in a tranquil yoga session with LP Giobbi. This unique blend of entertainment and fan connection offers a truly engaging festival experience, making Groove Cruise an event not to be missed.

Intimate Dinners and Sampling Workshops by Artists

Groove Cruise 2024’s artist-hosted dinners and sampling workshops promise an unforgettable gastronomic and social experience. Enjoy a dinner at Onda by Scarpetta with Markus Schulz, immersing in epicurean delights and intimate conversations. Engage with Gem & Tauri over a unique dining experience at Teppanyaki, merging culinary adventure with great music. 

Fans can join Gabriel & Dresden at Cagney’s Steakhouse for a sumptuous meal, blending the finest flavors with music insights. The highlight of these activities is not only the opportunity to savor delicious cuisine but also to interact with much-adored artists in a relaxed and intimate atmosphere. Expect to make cherished memories on this journey of taste and tunes.

Charity and Activism: Artists Creating Positive Change

Groove Cruise emphasizes social impact by featuring charity initiatives and mental health workshops. With the Whet Foundation’s outreach and When The Music Stops workshops, artists use their platform to drive meaningful change. These sessions confront socio-economic and mental health issues, underscoring artists’ commitment to lasting social impact. Expect engaging dialogue and opportunities to contribute to important causes, showcasing how Groove Cruise combines a powerful music experience with collective action and purposeful engagement.

Book your Tickets Now!

Don’t miss this unforgettable experience aboard Groove Cruise 2024! Join us for a mesmerizing blend of electrifying music, communal empowerment, and unique artist-fan interactions. From delectable artist-hosted dinners to meaningful workshops tackling social issues, there’s something for everyone. Book your ticket now and be part of this once-in-a-lifetime floating festival that transcends the ordinary. Be part of the change. Rock the boat with us!

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