Good Vibes at Redondo’s BeachLife 2023

BeachLife 2023

Good Vibes at Redondo’s BeachLife 2023 

One of the coolest and most laid-back beachside music festivals in the world is Beachlife at Redondo Beach, California, which just wrapped up from May 5-7, 2023. Featuring superstars like The Black Keys, Gwen Stefani, Modest Mouse, The Pixies, and Sublime with Rome, Beachlife was one of the most high-profile and exciting live music events of the year so far, kicking the summer 2023 season into full swing.  

Sand, Surf, and Sounds

Beachlife is a multi-faceted event that allows those attending to soak up the sun, the beach, and the music, along with celebrating Southern California’s legendary surf culture. The backdrop of the Pacific Ocean combined with a multitude of vendors and activities created a festival like no other, and since its inception in 2019, Beachlife has become a major hit with crowds and artists alike.  

Gates opened at noon on Friday, May 5th, and the festival opened up starting at 11 AM on Saturday and Sunday. Beachlife is a unique festival, and since the beginning its creators have been able to work some magic in pulling in some of the biggest names in music. This magical atmosphere and their heavy-hitting setlists have made it one of the most popular concerts in the modern live music scene. 

Founders Rob Lissner and Allen Sanford count themselves lucky to have been able to grow up regularly spending time on Southern California’s beautiful beaches and wanted to create a festival that would celebrate their culture, help visitors understand the laid-back atmosphere of California, and provide top-notch music and food. They’ve always been passionate about bringing the best food vendors and chefs in the world, and this obsession with quality shines through when you examine the artists they had performing as well.  

Beachlife this year had four stages, Hightide, Lowtide, Speakeasy, and Riptide, and almost 50 different bands and artists for this fourth installment of the festival. Along with the music being performed, the crowd had the chance to experience culinary delights from master chef and Santa Monica restaurant owner Josiah Citrin at a side stage pop-up restaurant, a karaoke bar, a picnic section, and art galleries featuring art from famous musicians and professional artists alike.

Keeping the Beach Beautiful

Lissner and Sanford show their love for the beach and ocean by giving back and supporting local organizations and charities that aim to make a difference and keep the beaches clean. Beachlife focuses strongly on environmental consciousness, making an effort to clean up after themselves and use sustainable and renewable practices whenever possible so that all can continue enjoying Redondo Beach in its pristine, beautiful state.

What people love the most about Beachlife is the good vibes and peaceful atmosphere. The founders set out to create a music festival that would differ from the overly-crowded, cookie-cutter festivals that are so abundant these days and wanted to create a space where people could really fit in, make connections, and have the best time of their lives. The sun, surf, sand, and sounds all came together this year to make Beachlife 2023 a truly magical event.  

Artists at Beachlife 2023

Modest Mouse

One of the hottest bands of the early 2000s, Modest Mouse is a staple of any indie rock fan’s album collection

Gwen Stefani

Gwen Stefani became a household name as the lead singer of No Doubt and brought her signature bad-girl rock style to Redondo Beach for the festival.  

John Fogerty

Yes, that John Fogerty, performing songs by Creedence Clearwater Revival. While those in Redondo Beach may not have ever seen the rain, this fortunate son still knows how to bring a crowd to its feet.


With their smash hit “Where Is My Mind” featured in the climactic end scene of Fight Club, the Pixies have firmly cemented their place as counter-culture and rock music icons.

Sublime with Rome

Featuring Eric Wilson, formerly of Sublime, Sublime with Rome gives fans a chance to hear some of Sublime’s greatest hits, albeit performed with a different singer and guitarist (Rome Ramirez), along with a different drummer.

The Black Keys

Friday’s headliner The Black Keys is a majorly successful band that has racked up many awards, not to mention album sales.  

The Best Live Music in Southern California

It’s easy to see why Beachlife is considered the premier live music, art, and culinary event of Southern California just by a quick overview of these superstar artists. Nowhere else will you find this much talent, this beautiful of a venue, and this many incredible people to mingle and enjoy the sounds with.  

Be sure to get your tickets early next year as they sell out fast, and keep an eye out for founder Allen Sanford’s new music venue, California Surf Club, which will be opening its doors in May 2024. Until then, keep the good vibes going and the surfboards out, because Beachlife is sure to be a mainstay of the Southern California live music scene for many years to come.  

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