Goldrush Music Festival 2019 Recap

Goldrush 2019 Arizona 1

Relentless beats put on another breathtaking event for its 3rd annual Goldrush Music Festival in Chandler, AZ on September 27th and the 28th. There was an amazing diversity in the lineup with different genres of music including Rap, Techno, House and local artists! Many festival-goers love this festival for their amazing music, art workshops, food and new this year to Goldrush was a silent disco inside one of the small barns in the western town! Headliners this year included Alison Wonderland, Zomboy, Dj Diesel AKA Shaquille O’Neal, Getter and new and upcoming rap artist Sheck Wes!


Music festivals wouldn’t be anything without their special sponsors, which this year included Mikes harder lemonade, Carvana, Gen Z, El jimador Tequila, Finlandia Vodka, Green Pharms dispensary, a brewery from Hawaii Kona Brewing, Phoenix children’s hospital , and last a local comedy club called shady AF which is located at Shady Park off of Mill Ave in Tempe! The guests who attended and were 21 and over were able to grab testers from each of these alcohol sponsors! Kona brewing company was offering their special beers such as The big wave golden ale and a specialty IPA called the Castaway. Walking down the western town of rawhide you would find the Golden gorge stage which was also next to the Mikes harder tent which gave samples of their new flavors purple, strawberry and cranberry! Carvana was also a new sponsor this year that mostly was managing the silent disco and local stage, which included a nice little lounge area equipped with leather recliners and private viewing areas.

Venue and production

Goldrush was a true immersive adventure into the Wild Wild West taking place  inside the old western town at Rawhide! The whole venue was masked with paddy wagons and old western shops that people were able to take pictures in for life time memories in the big cactus! The venue consisted of 5 Stages Which included The Golden Gorge, The Pioneer Peak stage which included rap artist, The Hidden Hideout, Wagon Wheel , and the Moonshiner Silent Disco. Upon entering the venue each stage is set a perfect distance from each other  with enough room at each stage to dance and vibe with other fellow ravers. As you travel between stages, you are surrounded by a variety of different food, drinks, free water stations and vendors. One of my favorite vendors sold  glow in the dark rave fans with a variety of different slangs printed on them. Both stages illuminated the crowd with pyrotechnics, lasers and streamer bombs throughout the headlining sets! No matter what your flavor of music is ,it was all included for everyones liking!


Throughout the venue you had a variety of foods ranging from Sonoran dogs which is an Arizona staple bacon wrapped hot dog, pizza, nachos , chicken fingers and all of your typical amazing festival fry foods! You can’t go wrong with these amazing foods throughout your long day!

Final Thoughts About Goldrush 2019

Been going to goldrush for a couple of years now and it is never disappointing, if you’ve never been I would 100% Recommend this amazing two-day experience! This was definitely an unforgettable experience and gets better every year! I cannot wait to attend yet another goldrush music festival next year in 2020, hope to see many more festival-goers throughout the next and upcoming festivals in Arizona!

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