Get Lucky 2024 Recap

Get Lucky 2024 Recap

Get Lucky 2024 Recap

Utah’s annual Get Lucky Music Festival returned in 2024, once again igniting the state’s vibrant music scene with an electrifying showcase of beats, artistry, and community. Held against the backdrop of Utah’s majestic landscapes and the famous Bonneville salt flats, this year’s edition V2 presents promised attendees an unforgettable experience filled with exhilarating performances, immersive visuals, and the timeless magic of music.

The Line Up

One of the hallmarks of Get Lucky is its meticulously curated lineup featuring a diverse array of electronic music genres. From pulsating drum and bass artists such as Chase and Status and Reaper to groovy house beats such as Destructo and Dillion Francis and everything in between, the festival caters to a broad spectrum of musical tastes. Renowned DJs and up-and-coming artists alike grace the stages, ensuring that every moment is filled with sonic bliss and dancefloor magic.

The Venue: The Great Saltair

Beyond the music, Get Lucky offers a multi-dimensional experience that transports attendees into a world of creativity and expression. The sound system sounded incredible, elaborate stage designs, impeccable light shows, and immersive art installations transform the festival grounds into a playground of sensory delights. The tent of gold stage has transformed into a stage that attendees didn’t want to leave. There were merchandise and pop-up stores everywhere at the festival.


As the final chords faded into the night and attendees reluctantly bid farewell to another unforgettable weekend, they carried with them not just memories, but a renewed sense of spirit and purpose. The Get Lucky Music Festival left a lasting impression on everyone who had the honor of attending, demonstrating once more its incredible talent, inspiration, and joy.

As the sun set on another successful year, anticipation began to build for the next chapter in the festival’s storied history, promising even greater adventures and moments of pure musical magic to come. Many thanks to V2presents for organizing and executing yet another fantastic festival. Since 2018, I haven’t visited Get Lucky, and I’ve seen a significant improvement in the whole experience. This is a festival you should definitely attend the next year if you haven’t already. Learn more here.

Written by: Dakota Caldwell

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