Get Freaky 2019 Recap At The Great Saltair

Get Freaky 2019 Lineup Salt Lake City Utah

This past weekend V2 Entertainment hosted their yearly Halloween festival Get Freaky on the 26th and 27th of October 2019. After going to Get Freaky you could definitely feel the spooky season was upon us.

The event was hosted in the middle of the mystic Great Salt Lake flats at the Great Saltair in Magna, Utah. The number of attendees was uncountable, the venue was full from the front of each stage to the back. V2 astonished all attendees with a fantastic lineup. 

Artists included Alison Wonderland, Benny Benassi, Born City, Drezo, Headphone Activist, JOYRD, NOIZU, Whipped Cream, Wuki and many more.

Venue & Production

The location of the Great Saltair is in the middle of the salt flats where no neighbors are near and music levels can be pushed to the limit with an amazing sound system they had throughout the whole festival. The venue its self defiantly screamed Halloween, the decorations throughout the festival were exactly what you would expect to be at a Halloween music festival plus more!

The venue had two stages one indoor stage along with one they placed outside covered in a mass tent. Both stages had a welcoming vibe along with plenty of room to let loose and let the music carry your body and mind away to a sing-along with Alison Wonderland or a head-banging imaginable sound by Headphone Activists.

While wandering through the Great Saltair you could feel the good vibes and the positive energy radiating from each person. All attendees were dressed up head to toe in all sorts of costumes while grinning ear to ear and moving their feet like there was no tomorrow.

Delicious Foods

This festival was one of those festivals where it didn’t matter where you were standing or what artist you were seeing you were constantly dancing. Now, what does it mean when you are moving your body consistently for hours? It means your burning calories and there wasn’t a better way than eating down on some good food. The festival had their famous Chicken Strips. Always hot and very cold along with amazing service and staff. All staff members treated every attendee with a smile and solution to any issue arising.

Final Thoughts

This festival blew me away. I was not planning to have that much fun. I walked out of the festival on day two forgetting there wasn’t going to be another day.

I will be attending next year without a doubt! I have found somewhere that I will be guaranteed to have a good time and make memories I can cherish forever. Thank you V2 and Get Freaky See you next year!

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