Genre-Melding Artist UnderLux Unveils Vibrant Trance Single “We Can All Go” Off Forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits


Genre-Melding Artist UnderLux Unveils Vibrant Trance Single “We Can All Go” Off Forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits – The Ep is Due Out on Friday, October 27

Genre-hopping producer/DJ UnderLux has an ever-evolving artistic persona.

Since he started composing and performing music at a young age, UnderLux has shape-shifted through various musical genres, having begun in pop-punk before producing his own beats. With an electronic sound informed by his love for electro-soul, house, and bass music, the dynamic producer has garnered a fervent Denver fanbase endeared to his emotive and experimental soundscapes – a style that has led to collaborations with artists such as Maddy O’NealVincent AntoneHomemade Spaceship, and MIDIcinal; a performance at the official Pretty Lights pre-party at Cervantes’ Other Side; and sets at and clubs such as JING Las VegasDAYLIGHT Beach Club, and Club Blue in Bogota, Colombia.

Now, the artist is revving up towards his forthcoming EP Hacking the Circuits, a 3-track collection that displays UnderLux’s knack for pushing musical boundaries and continually redefining himself. Vibrant, expressive, and powerful, Hacking the Circuits promises to take listeners on a spellbinding sonic journey that refuses to stagnate or stick to the confines of one genre.

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UnderLux Interview

Q: Can you tell us about your journey as a musician and some of the highlights of your career thus far?

A: My music career began at a young age. I come from a musical family, so someone with a guitar or piano was always singing songs together. I went from band to band until I got a Macbook for Christmas and started producing my own tracks. Every day that I get to make and play music is a highlight. I’m very fortunate to be constantly working on what I love.

Q: What drew you to both the world of electronic music and the sport of surfing?

A: My family taught me to love both things. I grew up surfing with my godmother’s nephew and instantly fell in love with the sport and lifestyle. The same can be said for performing. My family always encouraged me and listened intently to all the songs I made growing up.

Q: How does your love for surfing influence your music?

A: In DJing and Surfing, you need to watch for the perfect set. It takes years of practice in both aspects to recognize the ideal transition of a mix or the perfect wave to ride on in.

UnderLux Surfing

Q: How do you balance the demanding schedule of an artist with your passion for surfing, which often requires specific conditions and timing?

A: Living in Colorado has made it challenging to surf. Our great Oceans don’t see many swells. I have always taken the opportunity to ride when I am on vacation. Surfing in Costa Rica was a bucket list hit for me. I now settle for paddle boarding at my secret reservoir spot. It’s not as exciting, but getting out on the water is lovely. Originally growing up in Massachusetts, I miss the ocean dearly.

Q: Can you describe the sensation or feeling you get when you’re riding a wave compared to when you’re performing on stage?

A: Adrenaline, fear, accomplishment, and success. No matter how hard I practice both passions, I still get butterflies being on stage or cruising on a board.

Q: Have you ever incorporated any sounds or elements from the ocean or surf culture into your music?

A: Absolutely. Ocean waves are excellent white noise to add depth to tracks. I’ve remixed the Beach Boys and 311 countless times. Keeping a cool head and respecting others in the ocean or the green room is very important. You never want to end up being posted on KookSlams in either life. 

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