The Fluffy Cloud Experience Floats To Downtown Los Angeles October 9th

Fluffy Cloud Experience


Stellar Electronic Lineup to feature Mind Against, Yulia Niko, Sainte Vie and more

LOS ANGELES, CA– Ever wondered what it might be like if you could mix the wellness aspects of sound bath technology with the excitement of live music – and MUCH, much more? A new and one-of-a-kind event is coming to the entertainment scene in Los Angeles for one day only this fall, dubbed The Fluffy Cloud Experience. Previously seen at events like Burning Man and Art Basel, the Fluffy Cloud floats into Los Angeles on Saturday, October 9th. This isn’t just any concert: The Fluffy Cloud Experience aims to build lasting memories for attendees with a one day carnival like experience featuring immersive art installations, carnival games, food, and live music.

A few years ago, sound connoisseur and entrepreneur Jorge Perdomo came across a problem while attending a music festival. He felt there was a disconnect between the attendees and the performers, as though he was alone even while surrounded by friends. After being inspired by the community he witnessed at Burning Man, Jorge quickly got to work on building and planning a new experience to bring attendees together in the form of dance, entertainment, and live music. Thus, The Fluffy Cloud was born.

The Fluffy Cloud Experience will be comprised of three main phases:

Phase One: Meditation – During phase one, attendees will be invited to immerse themselves in sound therapy under The Fluffy Cloud. Guests will participate in a sound bath experience and guided meditation led by some of the world’s leading wellness practitioners, utilizing the Cloud’s impressive 360 degree sound system.

Phase Two: Music – Phase two will feature an eclectic acoustic- electronic live music ensemble with all the drums and whistles that showcases the range that The Cloud’s 28 different types of speakers and point-source sound system provide.

Phase Three: More – Finally, phase three will see the return of The Fluffy Cloud as seen on the Playa and beyond: this electrifying live music event will feature a secret line-up of cutting-edge international DJ’s from the underground music scene. With The Cloud’s ability to hit frequencies under 28Hz (most professional concert grade systems can barely get under 35hz), guests will experience music like never before.

Through all of this, artisan vendors, good eats, and art installations will be there for attendees to enjoy and explore. All in all, The Fluffy Cloud experience is more than a concert. It is an immersive carnival where the imagination can’t help but become inspired, and where long-lasting memories are sure to be made.

The Fluffy Cloud Experience will take place at a secret location to be disclosed week-of in downtown Los Angeles on Saturday, October 9, 2021. Tickets are on sale now, with general admission prices starting at $65, and VIP at $130. For ticketing and more info on The Fluffy Cloud and The Fluffy Cloud Experience, please visit the event site here.

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