Ever After 2018 Music Festival Recap

Ever After Music Festival

Tucked away near the southern border of Ontario is a hidden gem, a city by the name of Kitchener. Kitchener has been the host city for Canada’s bass fest, Ever After, for the fourth consecutive year. Canadians are known for maple syrup, bears, poutine; headbangers? Not so much. My perspective quickly changed while attending my first Canadian festival.

Hotels & Camping

Camping Ever After
Our groups choose to purchase a container camping pass (you could also choose to purchase primitive camp, RV set up, or camp off site). The camping experience was seamless to say the least, our container was ready and set upon arrival and let’s just say we made the right choice. We quickly became friends with our neighbors and created long lasting friendships that will carry over to subsequent festivals. There were many activities at camp such as arts and crafts, music, games, daily activities, and more. Having fire pits and places to hang hammocks throughout the grounds were key for the frigid nights. I highly recommend container camping for those going next year. Camping provided quick and easy to access the festival at all times. You could choose to stay in a nearby hotel as they had shuttles running around the clock to pick up and drop off festival goers.


The folks running the security line seemed un-flustered and professional at all times. While having a sense of safety, they searched bags and provided insight of what could and could not be taken into the festival grounds. I waited an average of 3-4 minutes which awesome! In and outs were also available until 5pm, which made taking a mid-day break a must do. They made sure everyone was having a good time, while remaining safe. There were no issues at the camping that we encountered and plan to camp again in the future as it really gives you a full experience.

Festival Grounds

With two full stages, carnivals games and a ferries wheel we were quickly transported to a carnival like atmosphere. There was plenty of room to enjoy all of the festivities without feeling clustered or secluded to a single section. The festival attendees were also outgoing and very helpful with directions and general information. Ever After also had a unique water park which was included with your ticket. Water slides and games galore! We felt like we were at a water park within a music festival within a carnival. It was a very unique and fun experience. The food was amazing; there was a variety of vendors offering delicious foods to satisfy our appetites.

Stages & Music

Ever After main StageThere wasn’t a lot of house on the lineup last year, but they listened to the festival goers requests for more diversity, so if bass and dubstep aren’t your thing, that second stage was all for you. Claude VonStroke, Dombresky, Daniel Portman, and Drezo delivered as expected. Exceptional lighting and LED screens made the experience that much more enjoyable! Not a house fan? The main stage did not disappoint, proving pyrotechnics, fog cannons and clear sound bassheads were in a state of nirvana. With headliners such as Zomboy and Excision – Canadians literally broke the rail!

Overall, Ever After Music Festival 2018 was magical and exceeded expectations. The venue and lineup brought a diverse multitude of people from around the states and Canada. I see the passion and love of people wanting to have great experience at a festival with proper camp facilities. Not only was the camping venue optimal, music groovy, bomb pizza but the sense of brotherhood and comradely was evidently portrayed throughout the 3 day span which made it a dreamlike experience. I will be recommending this festival to all of my headbangers.

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