Electrified Universe at Lightning in a Bottle 

Lightning in a Bottle 2022

Electrified Universe at Lightning in a Bottle 

The Lightning in a Bottle Festival experience shocked and ignited the crowds in Bakersfield last week, with a 5-day run featuring top bands, art, and the kind of inclusive and interactive fun that music festivals are known for worldwide.

From music bumping on the stage to learning and culture exhibits, interactive art installments, yoga, meditation booths, and more, this festival had something for everyone.  

In the modern, Covid world, life has changed for all of us – many losing the opportunity to interact like they once did, so The Lightning in a Bottle Festival was truly an opportunity to feel a sense of normality again. 

The Music

At the center of the festival, was, of course, the music, with a lineup to meet all tastes and interests. On Friday, May 20, there were amazing artists like Glass Animal, Big Wild, and Chet FakerOn Saturday, artists like Purity Ring, Elder Island, and Eli & Fur performed, and on Sunday, artists such as Griz, Black Coffee, and SG Lewis performed, too.

These artists were just the beginning of amazing musical performances that drew in awesome crowds. The music isn’t what you’d typically hear on the radio, but the bands stand out in so many ways on the Lightning, Thunder, and Woogie stages.

On The Stacks, The Junkyard, and Grand Artique stages, there were artists such as Source Zero, Po, and Henry Pope. In other words, there was something for everyone musically, but Lightning in a Bottle is more than just a music festival – it’s a community campout with so much to explore. 

The Celebration

While music is at the center of the festival, there is a certain attitude and mindset that makes it a true celebration of life. It is important to have an open-minded mindset, along with some other important tips:

  • Get to know others and open your heart to them! In a Covid world, we can sometimes lose sight of that.
  • Get out of your comfort zone – as the old adage says, no one can grow in their comfort zone. 
  • Smile and share your talents! You may not be on the main stage, but the world is your stage, especially at the Lighting in a Bottle Festival!

The point is the right attitude and mindset will help you enjoy Lightning in a Bottle to its fullest potential. There is so much to celebrate, and while the music is electric, there is so much more to discover.

Learning and Culture

This festival is unlike any other, where you can actually participate in learning and growth with over 100 opportunities with world-renowned visionaries, experts, and thought leaders. You can even learn a new skill with hands-on workshops, with topics like medicine making.

If you love people like Amy Goodman from Democracy Now!, then this is the right venue for you with people like her and Paul Stamets (Mushrooms and the Mycology of Consciousness) performing in the past. 

Art and Yoga

If that isn’t enough for you, there are art and yoga lineups to explore, including karaoke, float races, and live paints. Lightning in a Bottle truly has something for everyone, with magic in every area you explore.

The art aspect of the vent is interactive, and you can choose to participate in the art of motion with Yoga, whether you are a beginner or an expert. You see, the attitude of “everyone is welcome” helps anyone feel comfortable getting out of their comfort zone. 

A Festival for All

When the lights and music hit just right, people’s inhibitions melt away and they can step out of their comfort zone to grow.  Lightning in a Bottle is a festival experience for everyone, with a multitude of events and a variety of music, keeping the crowds entertained while connections that last a lifetime were made.  

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